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For some reason, it's still not playable for me

A topic by escapismgame created Jun 28, 2018 Views: 204 Replies: 1
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Hey man, I have 3 computers in my house, all with both windows and mac, and none of them can run this game! I have no idea if the problem is on my end or not, but I just thought I'd let you know. I'm using iMac 2015, 2014, and a 2012, with bootcamp on all of them. 
I've tried launching from the launcher, downloading the mac fix, windows 10, many different ways to try and play this game but I still get the problem that I outlined earlier.

They all have the latest operating systems, plus I've tested on a previous version of mac too.

No stress, I know making games is very hard work! (in fact I'm trying to make one myself, you're a huge inspiration)


Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I have over 400 Downloads on all systems right now and they all have no problem running the game. It has to be a problem at your end. If you want to send me a personal email with further details about your PC components i can maybe help you !



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