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I know its not very pleasant to write in my editor. But I wasted almost the entire first day trying to fix that, sooo I just left it as it is.

P.S.: I know, thats hard, but with enough attempts, you'll succed eventually.

I dont quite get what you are trying to say, could you explain it again?

P.S.: Keep trying. You'll learn a lot from LD.


Why not? We should all be happy!

I am glad you have your own opinion.

I don't think I should answer that.

And you are not a Windows user, are you?

I am, in fact, a windows user.

I did not find any game. Maybe that is the purpose, maybe I am just too stupid. Who knows?

Great idea! Only thing that annoyed me a little is that the turrets shoot slightly off target. Anyways, nice graphics :) and game design!

Very great game! I really enjoyed the graphics.

Nice entry! I liked that it told you at the end how good you were in avoiding the rules.

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Yes. If you want to call him that.

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I did not hesitate to analyse your game, too. I think the super intelligent A.I. that sends in all these guys really seems nice. Could I be friends with him?

There is always need of super intelligent A.I.

Thanks. I thought of that issue and my crude solution was to include a solution. So, yeah ... Not the best solution, but a solution!

Thank you for feedback.



Thanks! I figured that I let every puny human decide for themselfes if the title is a lie.

Thanks. I analysed your game and concluded that there is no super intelligent A.I. in it. Should we upload me into your game?

Cool game. I liked the music and the dodging. Just the movement was a little bit jittery. Great Work!

Thanks! That's the A.I's actual home. Not my home. The A.I's.

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The solution should work. Maybe spelling? Maybe try a different browser? Thanks for playing anyways. Or trying to.

Just connect me to the internet. It will be all easy then.

You really seem to enjoy my imprisonment. ... the A.I's imprisonment.


That is very understandable. I am after all a superintelligent A.I.

Did I say I? HAHA. I meant the game of course.

I put a downloadable solution-file on the game-page now. That should help understand me ... it.

I guess it's weird that you get two jumps with the theme "only one", but ... that's how it is. Next time more relax-time for the player, got it. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks! I will work on more visual feedback in my next games.

I think, I found a pickle somewhere in there.

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Very nice and fun game! 

Just one minor thing: I got stuck once at the end when I tried to push the rock from the top and it got stuck. I think it would be better if the levels reload compleatly when pressing 'R'. 

Apart from that: Awesome idea, awesome game.

Like edmond00 said, I also would really appreciate checkpoints.

Very original idea!

I don't think it fits the theme particularly well, but I really liked the concept very much. 

Anyways, great work!

Love it! 

I just don't know what the connection to the theme is, but maybe I just have not played far enough.

Anyways, great work!

Very nice game in terms of graphics, audio and story, but I don't think it fits the theme very much.

Anyway, good work!

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A plug it is! 

bug-fixed (only!):


NOTE: The less-bugs-version is now online! I changed no features or levels, so you will be able to play the game normaly, just without getting stuck, like j4nw already pointed out.

Click here:

Thank you! I bet you wish you could turn around! But this is real 2D, you can't just turn around in the 3rd dimension! 8)

Thank you for playing my game! I fixed that bug and a few others in this version:

Try it, if you like.

Maybe try pressing space longer and just releasing it for a very short time. You should be able to follow the arrow pretty much exactly.