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Hi there! Can't believe it's been a year since the conception of this amazing puzzle gem.

Is there anything more planned? I'd love for someplace to follow news about this game or any other future projects!

ok but no dogs allowed???? who does that!!!

15 total, with the real mechanic of the game being introduced at day 8

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Not really haha

The drawing is newer concept art for the characters in the game (who've been changed to an archer and a bird instead), but the game uses the old designs


You don't have to use left click / right click. Keyboard controls also work, the left half of the keyboard behaving like left click, and the right half behaving like right click.

I didn't have time to explain it in the game though, so I'm sorry about that.

Thanks for playing regardless!

This game is by far the most content packed one I've seen so far!! Had a lot of fun playing this one.

The 3d background coupled with the 2d characters makes for a (surprisingly) well fitting theme.

I was going to praise this game on managing to be grindy but not too grindy at the same time, but shortly after I got to the second stage I became really disappointed at the fact that there wasn't a checkpoint and had to replay stage 1 all over again every single time... Bummer.

(I had to stop the game about an hour in... Which is a lot but... sorry)

I wish more games on this jam put in the same effort you did! This actually felt like an actual game. Like wow. Impressive work!!

I totally see myself finishing a game like this.

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Ahhhh I wish this game was longer!!! (if you've left me wanting more, then that's probably a good thing)

I personally love the controls just the way they are. They're hard to manage, but in a challenging and fun way that gives the game character. I like that.

I also love the in-world tutorials. It really helps the pace of the game by relaying information as you progress, without the need to pop up some text box that pauses the game entirely.

There's not much I can comment on the gameplay, since the game itself is so short and there is not much of it. But the base is there, and has awesome potential!!

Good job!!!!

I love the graphics on this one, you probably spent a lot of time making the UI interactive!

I did have a bit of trouble figuring out what I needed to do, and even after reading the page, your comment, and the in-game help menu, the lack of an obvious goal still made trying to make progress a bit jarring and even overwhelming. Maybe the player should be eased into the gameplay a bit more.

I feel like this game has a lot of potential however! I love games that implement, essentially, programming languages as their core game mechanic. Imagine being able to make drones completely automatic and having them run around all willy-nilly ahhh that'd be so cool.

Good job on getting the game feeling this polished!

The really zoomed in camera makes the jumps in this game pretty unfair unfortunately...

It'd be a pretty good idea to show the player how many keys they've collected, and how many there are overall in the level.

Also sound effects aren't 100% required, but they help the game feel less bare, and more reactive to the player's input.

I do think that the platforming is surprisingly solid however, and could act as a great base if you polished the game just a bit more!


Haha, it would! Gonna try do that when the jam ends

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!!!! 

Really fun game!

I LOVE the camera movement. (the character jitters a bit, but that's fine!)

I felt at some point that there are too many bad shapes to possibly sort through, so the game kind of forces you into failing. Intended or not, it's a tiny bit frustrating and can sometimes make you feel like you're at the mercy of the RNG.

I like the music, I think it fits well. And the visuals, ohhh I love how the models works together.

Good job on this, wow!!! 3D games are much harder to make.

Warioware is a big influence, so I'm really glad it reminded you of it! :D

Thank you for playing!

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Hey, farmer man,

I don't care about your ""Rhythm Doctor"" side project, when's blipblop coming to Steam?

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Unfortunately gamemaker (the engine the game was built in) isn't that great for relatively complex visuals such as the ones seen in this game.

That's why even with a powerful pc the game will still manage to drop in frames.

I absolutely LOVE this game!

The concept is quite original, the execution is extraordinary, and the soundtrack equally great.

I'm so hyped for the final release, keep up the good work!

Oh, and, I may or may not have messed around with the dev cheat code to get to the 4th level