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Making a song. I'll put it here as refrence.

Can't rate because I can't download.

Can you tag people like in discord?

Draw Ena plz.

I need .ogg support.

Detected Hex for a Youtube video.

I am making a monster remix for

I need a voice actor for monster.

It uses a bad BF soundfont there are some better ones like the one i use.


I make music in LMMS so I can help you with your fnf mod. (I do not do instrumentals)

Sorry the mod has stopped in development. I will reach  back when it starts back up.

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I can chart, but I'm working on a mod.

It is not FNAF it is FNF like Friday Night Funkin.

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Well I need mod charts like spindash arrows. and I believe psyche engine uses Javascript.

/Edit 1, you can use links to other programmers.

Sorry Unpaid work. :(

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I’ll give you discord later but my mod is a Sonic Mania mod now so I just need only chiptune. Thanks.

Edit: Sorry discontinued I am A. starting music and B. Working on another mod.

I am making a FNF mod about how Boyfriend gets in Sonic Mania so I need a writer.

Well you need to draw in Sonic Mania Pixel Art Style.

Yes but, I don’t have a team yet so you are the only one I have also can you give Me your Discord

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Zavodila (Mike Geno)

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My TWO reference music. 

for the pixel stuff \/

I am making an fnf mod so can you also do normal fnf music with chiptune in the middle of the song?


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My Friend wanted to add his characters Also I cropped through his eye so sorry.

I have a server


I don't have any concept art yet because I don't have an artist but I do have a discord.

also link to a charter that wants a project.

I can make a script (I don't mean coding i mean Dialogue) (and if you want a programer it is not called a scripter).

Can you add like a second row or something so other people can send in their charecters?


Just change the colors.

By the way you shade with a color closer to a complementary color.

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the bits inside the black boxes are not transparent .

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also thanks. By the way his name is Tusied (2 side)

:) 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀