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Im glad you like, this makes me happy, please enjoy it, sorry about delay repluing, life is hell for me now

Hello, im sorry, my life has been hell and still is, I will end it soon in fact, and i couldnt reply, i just came for a friend that wanted something uploaded. In relation to your issue, this tool is made for windows, I tried it in Windows 10 and worked, try enabling compatibility with older versions of windows to make it work. You right click the exe, then check properties and then compatibility, you will s ee enabling compatibility with other versions of windows, try enabling with early versions, it should work i think, sorry about your trouble and elay

Good, keep making great stuff!

I was ab le to play in a friends machine only, could you please publish as downloadable exe for windows? web games never work for me since update

Im glad you like the idea =), I have always like ASCII art so I decided to make this, I hope you enjoy this program =)

This game looks really fun, well done!! is it complete? I hope so, also I would like to talk about possible collaboration, is it ok if I contact you through twitter?

Hi Steve =), nice to meet you, its awesome that you used to make your own engine, i always prefer to make my own things (2d sprites 3d models etc you know) and while i never did my own engine, i used to use  dark sdk that is like a directX wrapper that saves lot of work, but yes i agree with you, after trying unity it seems a lot better due its visual interface and built in features like physics particles etc. Sports and physics games are really fun, i made a racing game (in steam for now), I hope you complete your game really soon and can distribute it here with steam keys (i want to do that too due its protection feature), i hope you can share your experience when its out, good luck!! =)

Thanks a lot for the explanation, I think I was wrong about firebase and how it could work in a game like this, I will check Yojimbo as it seems more appropiate for real time communication between players and servers. As said I have very little experience in multiplayer field and probably the most I have done before was done the wrong way haha, will dig deeper into this soon, thanks a lot for all the deatailed information and explanation =)

I see, thanks a lot for the explanation, I think you did quite a nice work as the player will never experiment a big delay while keeping the game fair enough for everyone and without making it slow or anything, in this type of games speed is needed so your approach seems like the best. I was looking at firebase for multiplayer, but really havent digged much in that, they say it works fine and can be used for free for small projects, plus it will work alone or with a server one make, havent you considered using it? My experience with multiplayer is really low so maybe my question is totally senseless, sorry if so

Nice work doing this! =) Just as a fellow shmup fan and developer I wonder, what technology have you used for the online part? keep up the great work =)

esta bueno el juego, espero que hagas mas y mejores juegos pronto =)

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Its a nice little game =), you should add open world tag to make it easier to find