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Fire duck

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nice game, the controls are a bit confusing (why are A and D working but not W?!?!?!?)

but its waaaay too hard for me xD

Cool idea (Im not saying that because i made a fighting game too :eyes:)

but i have 2 issues with the gamee:

1. No audio,

2. very bad performance (i got like 5-20 fps)

its a great concept but it needs more polish (and its very hard xD)

Nice idea!

It would be nice to have something indicating what character the player is controlling.

Other than that its an enjoyable game!


Thanks for the feedback!
I am aware about the weird hitbox, but i dont know what is causing this bug.

Wow, thats really cool!
It is a bit confusing to focus on your player and the enemies at the same time tho.
I died a lot because of that

Chick`n crops community · Created a new topic Feedback

Feel free to write some feedback. :D

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You cant lose.

It was supposed to be a highscore game

Yeah my computer decided to break mid jam.

Im happy that it is playable tbh xD

Thanks :)

I know but unity´s tilemap collider isnt allowing it

The "pink stuff" is supposed to be acid xD

Technically the game has 12 levels but you can only play 11 levels because i disabled the 7th level.

it is a test level in 3D.

wow such great feedback for the game ._.

The weird "getting stuck on nothing" thing is unity´s tilemap colliders fault i have no idea how to fix it (thats the same reason why you cant walk up the ramps)

Nice game!

I have 2 things that arent that great:

1. The color of the buttons on the itch page are a bit annoying for the eyes.

2. When a wave is active that there are playing 2 different songs at the same time.

But except for the small errors it really has potential!

The last wave is really hard btw xD

Thanks for the feedback!

I will try your game out.

Wow thats very funny xD

i have only 1 issue:

Sometimes it just spawns 3 frogs right behind the player and the player has no chance to kill them or to run away.

But still nice game :D

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a true masterpiece!

it reminds me of my first game called Pixel runner xD

What am i supposed to do?

all i can do in this game is to "fight" other bugs and to jump around on poop.

The concept is simple but fun.

The game needs some audio and the visuals could be better.

The installer is not good!

Why does it need admin permissions?

Red flag for me

Thats what bad guys are doing

i like how its just a link to the first part


Great game!

This could be turned into a full game

I know that it is really bad xD

This game was just made as a 3 hours challenge.

Thanks glad you enjoy it

Thanks for the feedback! :D

We wanted to edit the points you mentioned too.
But the time wasnt looking good.

We will make some updates for the game

It will get updates in the future. :D

why does it need admin permissions? :think:

i think it is better if the readme and the license is in english ._.

Im a starter in unity but it is not my first game. Im just not very creative xD

And i made the 3 hour challenge for myself on this game.

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I fixed the title for you: EA simulator

I have to say one thing: wow its really creative and the art is nice too!

wow that is really cool

I will xD

I always wanted to make a space game with a duck xD

always = since 2 weeks lol

the game is really fun but i have 2 points:

1. The ground/wall texture is looking like a pizza with only tomatoe sauce on it.

2. I dont know if it is the end but i cant find an exit in the giant room with this pillar thing (it has no hitbox btw i can just walk through it).

yes i had it too i think it happens if the player changes the resolution