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the game appears to be broken.

It just displays this error message:

The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)"

Im on Google Chrome and Win11 if that helps

Interesting concept.

At first i was a bit confused on what to do so it would be nice to have some text explaining that i just have to walk into enemies that have a lower number than me but i managed to figure it out.

The popping in and out of the ground and enemies is a bit annoying. I would recommend to have that happen outside of the viewable area.

The sound works fine for me. (Google Chrome, Win 11)

Overall a pretty nice jam game :)

no, this jam is for retro homebrew on the Nintendo Game Boy

You should add a graphic that explains the controls since Z is NOT the shoot button on my keyboard (I have a german QWERTZ keyboard -> Y and Z are swapped compared to QWERTY)

it looks really nice but the controlls are a bit weird to me (I would suggest to make Arrow-Up the jump button and space the shoot button)
Also i dont really think the music fits the game (even tho I really love it xD)

then submit something lol

I actually started this project without wanting to join the jam but then i saw the limitation xD

It was not planned but now i can tell that my Library works for jam games too

Turns out using Aseprite does make my sprites look better   /joke

Cool game!

I got only 2 Problems with it:

1) it is very short

2) the game gets harder if the level was already hard for the player, so its kinda like "I died once so im gonna die again"

Would be cool to have some 'debuff' towers like an ice tower that slows enemies down

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You might have to click on something like "More Info" and then on "Run Anyway"

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Cool game, would just be nice if there would be different enemy types (like faster ones) and power ups but its a solid submission

it just gets boring quick

didnt expect someone to play this bad jam game but im glad you enjoyed it lol

you can find some free high quality assets here

Cool random generation but bad gameplay and graphics.

Also its a bit boring to just run around, maybe give the player the ability to chop trees and craft tools and weapons

In the future there will be more guns ;)

The only strategy working was to just place random things at random positions to win.

Also there is no randomisation I could find meaning it does not follow the limitation of the jam!

wow, i cant believe how many levels there are!

except of the "settings" button not working it feels really polished!

(Would be worth expanding into a full game)

At first I thought "Wow, another crappy rushed game" but then I played it and it was actually kinda cool!

The graphics and audio are bad but the gameplay is really cool!

8/10 points!

Nice game!

But it has 1 big issue:

It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short :c

I got to the end after like 2 minutes.

yeah, that is possible.

but I am using a script that I want to be able to use for both 2D games and 3D games

The graphics and music are really awesome!

the gameplay gets boring pretty quick because I dont know what to do except of killing the enemies.

I played as an archer and basicly no enemy was able to hit me because i could just stand still and bowspam them.

When i got bored and let an enemy kill me nothing happened, my character died but no game over screen or respawn at all!

Also using Pathfinding would improve the enemies a ton.

(You should read into this

I have no idea what I am supposed to do (I dont speak french)

and randomly pressing buttons didnt do anything.

Also the game runs at like 12 FPS on my GTX 1650!!!!!!!!!!

The graphics and the music are   B A D   but the gameplay is okay.

Would be nice to have multiple enemy types and more guns.

I really like how that camera goes a bit into the direction that I am aiming, nice touch :)

The concept is good but it has a lot of issues.

1) The mouse controls are bad. It is really annoying to turn and I dont know why I would want to look up and down. Also the directions for up and down are reversed but thats personal preference I guess.

2) I spawned inside of a wall.

3) All enemies spawned inside of each other and did not move until I found them.

4) The visuals are bad.

5) No audio.

I think this game could be fun but it got clearly rushed and still needs a lot of work

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I have no idea what I am supposed to do and the handling is kinda hard so it is very frustrating to reset everytime i even think about touching a wall.

Also I have no idea how the limitation is implemented

Thank you for the feedback!

More map variants, power ups/interactable map elements and more Goblin types are already planned.

They do not respawn but they teleport because there is no way for me to check if the Goblin is in a place that is unreachable for the player and that created the problem of having to wait for the last few Goblins to teleport close to the player.

Making the map smaller would be a good idea for a possible fix, thank you for the idea :)

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The game is not very optimized tbh.

Every single 16x16 tile is a gameobject.

I had to do it like this because of the way the Procedural generation works.

I might be able to make it a bit more 'bad computer' friendly by making every tile just one big sprite

Big nono!!!!!

1. Dont include all platforms in a single download.

2. Why the fuck does it constantly write something to my SSD?!?!?!?

Thats not okay since that is what kills an SSD and it can cause bad performance

what about a burning crate that gets destroyed after X seconds?

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and what am i supposed to do with the downloaded zip?

it looks like it only contains files for a web game but when i open the html file nothing happens (its just a black screen) and it does not contain an exe or something i can run

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Really nice game.
But it crashed after Level 7 and it got stuck in the black screen saying "Level 8"

Chrome gave me some weird javaScript error

The game has some slowdown issues for me.
A lot of framedrops.
Im on Windows 11 and am using Google Chrome (I have a very good Computer)

"that's the case for every single computer, including personal computer" makes no sense

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WASD dont work for me, I can't move :/
(Web version on Google Chrome)

The game has a really nice animal crossing vibe :D

The camera animation when pressing RMB and the objects clipping through the camera are a bit confusing tho

Thank you for the comment!

We planned the things you sayed are missing but had to scrap them because of the time limitation.

A Update is already planned :)