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I don't have proof, but I'm almost certain this is Hideo Kojima's latest project

I really wanted to add animations for the monster to smash the houses but I just became so weary. Thanks for the feedback though, it's useful

Funny enough there was a glitch that caused the monster to eat you at the end that I removed.

You absolutely nailed the feeling of nostalgia, and the game itself is unique and fun. 5 stars!

This is a vibe.  I love the presentation.

This is incredible!  My favorite so far!

This is so cool, really fun. 5 stars!

All of the art is superb and the atmosphere tells a gripping story without words. You have a keen sense for environments.  Great stuff!

Hilarious idea, I love the randomly generated  key. Very original!

Very cool and I love the concept art.

There's something so elegant about puzzle platformers. 5 stars!

I think I can turn that off, dont pay for this, lol

Thank you Mr Frog that's very kind

Thank you so much. I became a little incoherent myself staying up to finish it. Glad you enjoyed it!