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I do read them, yes! Are any of your OCs, fanart, fiction online? Link me! Either here or at twitter (@MonikerErsatz).

In any event, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

She really does!

I wish! Major medical issues have left me unable to program (at a keyboard,  sitting up) for extended periods, so most of my creative work is now fiction. 

I would love to return to this world, but it's unlikely.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

That's great! Thank you!

Please do! And let me know if you do!

Yeah, I don't know if loser is harsher in some places than others; here (mid UK) it's moderately mild, but the US might be different, for example. Roan is supposed to straddle that line between almost being too much of an asshole - sorry if it didn't work for you. 

Yes! Two books (, some short stories (, and some fanfic (

Sorry for delay replying, I thought I'd remember, but I didn't, so I had to check the code! 

Yes, ish, you can win an Dishonourable Victory over Roan (but no chance of a honourable one, Roan is better than you.)

It doesn't really change the outcome though, no secret scene or anything.

This is wonderful

Don't know why I haven't played this before, it's excellent. Really let's you know what eating the sun feels like.

Lovely game, with plenty of cute kisses

A great cyberpunk game, with a cool mystery, and plenty of kink. A super fun experience all around. 

Very fun!

Thank you!

This was a bit too real for me, but seriously good invoking of the emotion. I thought the afterword was good too, putting a bit of distance into what was clearly a personal piece.

Mmm, face meat. Very spooky and disturbing. Great work.

Great work - the '00s webforum is nicely realised, and the stories themselves have a fun variety to them. The funny/scary meters give a target to aim at. Excellent!

This is great, and resonated a lot with me.

Thank you for the lovely comment! I hope the universe treats us all kindly, always.

Thank you!

Thank you!

This is really great - I particularly enjoyed the mp3 experience. It's sort of 'what if the person in the pub that insisted on telling you stuff was actually interesting?'

Hey, thank you so much for the lovely comment! I'm so pleased that you liked it. One of the reasons that I wanted to make the game as flexible as possible is that, yes, a lot of NSFW games are pretty limited in the scope of protagonist and romantic partners. Everyone deserves a nice bit of smut now and again!

Thank you for the lovely comment!
Yeah, one of my frustrations was (some) NSFW games where the writing wasn't great, and the characterisation didn't really ever go beyond "they are hot". So I wanted to try and make one that was sexy and at least passably written!

Thank you so much!!! (Particularly for starting with some more Marvell poetry, wonderful!)

Honestly most of the credit goes to my playtesters, the first versions were rough and a bit chaotic with regards to pronouns, but it got there in the end.

Thank you again for the lovely comment!

Wow, this is excellent; really well written, with a great sense of mood (mostly dread). The meaning was heartfelt and resonant.

(Minor typo -- I think -- early on "I seem them dotting the landscape".)

(1 edit)

Hey, that was really fun. Brought back the feeling of being in a D&D session where you've got stuck and the GM isn't being helpful! (I did manage to open the door in the end though). Excellent game!

(Edit: shit, I'm in the wrong account, but the above still stands!)

A lovely pair of well-written stories. The Mari one is funny and charming. The cottage one is very strong, with great mood and pacing, and some innovative storytelling.

I think I saw a deer hiding in the forest! ;-)

Thank you.
The honest answer is I don't know. There are certainly more stories to tell in that world, and I have some ideas. But it was quite a lot of work in a way that might not be clear considering the play-time, and I am a time-poor hobby-dev (who would also like to make some games I can actually share with my parents!). So I would neither rule it out, nor count on it. (Sorry if that's a frustrating answer!)

Hey thanks for pointing out the error, I've fixed it now.

The pronouns were really painful to get working properly (my poor playtesters found so many problems like the above one!) but I really wanted to do it.

Thank you also for the kind words, I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.

Thank you! Roan was a lot of fun to write!

Thank you so much for the kind words!