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  • Audio Reactive Visuals
  • Spatial Audio
  • Tilt Brush Models
  • Daz Models
  • Blender Models
  • Navigation: keyboard (wasd, shift, spacebar)
  • Navigation: gamepad joysticks
  • Quit Game: esc key
  • Spatial Audio attached to art

Working On:

  • vr version
  • ar version
  • webgl version
  • ios version
  • android version
  • SteamVR (oculus, vive)
  • Steam Store
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App Store
  • Facebook GameRoom

I'm not sure if this business model will be sustainable but I will try it during my first rounds of introducing this to social media.

If this creates new problems for me, I will reconsider with intentions for a respectful way to support art and tech adventures for myself & others.  What new problems, you ask? 

  • requiring extra time for everything because I have to crawl through piles of money to accomplish anything.
  • having to pick out award ceremony outfits.
  • no return on investments into these projects ( equipment, utilities, software fees, licensing fees, business fees, training fees, space, living expenses)

I intend to do a new art exhibit each month.

A small entry fee helps cover expenses to curate new art shows, software design, develop, debug, architect, engineers, hosting, production, marketing, sales, tech support and to promote this adventure.

If you are an artist of any medium, I can produce online art gallery events and exhibits for your fans & prospects to view on their computers, webpages, xr devices, tv and more.

I want to make this available for more devices (vr, ar, ios, android, webpage).

For now, this is the first prototype while I test if this idea will work well for me and the communities I am connected with.

I notice a lack of reciprocity and respect in many industries including art & tech, so I hope this is one way that artists, indie developers, tiny micro tech companies can continue to produce art, edutainment for their respective communities.

io:ianere! beautiful!