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MoniGarr XR Gallery

Prototype to share my Tiltbrush & 3D Art for XR Projects. · By monigarr

XR Gallery Intentions

A topic by monigarr created Dec 17, 2020 Views: 44
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I intend to do a new art exhibit each month.

A small entry fee helps cover expenses to curate new art shows, software design, develop, debug, architect, engineers, hosting, production, marketing, sales, tech support and to promote this adventure.

If you are an artist of any medium, I can produce online art gallery events and exhibits for your fans & prospects to view on their computers, webpages, xr devices, tv and more.

I want to make this available for more devices (vr, ar, ios, android, webpage).

For now, this is the first prototype while I test if this idea will work well for me and the communities I am connected with.

I notice a lack of reciprocity and respect in many industries including art & tech, so I hope this is one way that artists, indie developers, tiny micro tech companies can continue to produce art, edutainment for their respective communities.