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Cool idea and music, I just wish there was a way to win or lose. I think it would make the game feel more rewarding. Either way, good job!

Very cool idea! The art and music were great. Good job!

Fun game, although it's kind of hard to see with the helmet on. But the throwing feels nice! Good job!

It's nice to see someone else using Godot. I feel like there should be a way to win, lose, collect points, or all three. But nice visuals and music.

Fun game! Only thing I would suggest would be adding sound. Good job!

Great game with a super creative idea!

I upgraded the tongue length and damage a lot so I could just one shot everything across the entire screen. After that I kind of just sat next to the eggs and spam clicked everywhere. I've have only been able to tie my record trying this strategy again.

I came back to attempt to get on the leader board again. I got 3rd place!

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Great game! I'm going to keep playing it until I get on the scoreboard. One problem I noticed was that I would accidentally upgrade the wrong thing because the menu pops up instantly. But it's a wonderful game either way!

Very fun game! The puzzles were fun and made you have to think in order to win. Great job!

Best game I've played so far! Outstanding job! The only thing I would change would be giving the player 3 health, unless it's intended to be this hard.

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Aiming to AI ship definitely takes getting used to. The AI helps the most in a big group of enemies, and by getting some random lone ships. The player is to overpowered with more bullets, so I might keep that the same.

I'm not sure how to do that in Godot, but I will try to fix that later in a updated version of the game.

This game was super fun to play. I just wish there was sound. I think it would add a lot to the feel of the game.

Awesome! I've never played a game quite like this before.

I really enjoyed playing this one! It has some really cool mechanics. I just wish there was an easier way to use the lights. Dragging and dropping was fine at first, but after a while, it starting to get a little annoying. But other than that, wonderful game!

Great game! I really liked the concept. It fits the theme very well.

Super cool game! It took a bit getting used to, but it was fun after I mastered it.

I never managed to finish the game because it kept having a display malfunction, but the part that I did play was pretty fun. I would suggest adding a tutorial though. I couldn't figure out how to pick up the gun at first.

Wonderful game. The art and music is amazing!

Great game. The only thing I would suggest is adding new kinds of obstacles later on.

Great game. I really enjoyed the voice acting. The music was wonderful.

I don't know if this is was only a problem for me, but I had a hard time turning the view left and right. It was super jittery. Other than that, great game!

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There are a couple bugs in my game. One is that the bullets don't go away if you restart too quickly. The other bug is that if you die after the first boss, the yellow ships won't go back to normal. So you would have to turn off the game and turn it back on if you want to fix the yellow ships.