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I wish I had the social ability to play with cats

This is mine:

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WAIT there is an audio bug and it makes me said. It can load in wrong for some reason and only play the bit-crushed band passed version and not the full song. Heads up! Only saying this because it makes me sad some people dont get this full experience.

10/10 everything is perfect and nothing needs to change.... Like seriously this Ice Cream shit is great

Proud of you for still getting something out.  A story a lot of us have felt in one way or another as game jammers.  Thank you.

Hello! I like the concept of your game. It's difficult ramp goes very smooth, and I like how well the helper/tetris mechanic. The art was basic but got the job done and was non offense. I rage quit on level 4 but I suck at platformers so I feel that is around when I kind of bail on them. Very fun never the less and controlled very well. I did soft lock the tutorial though because I dragged the dude on top of me. Great entry with a unique design.

I hate plugging the game I worked on, but it is not linked to my account so I have to link it in the comments. Check it out if you like and feel free to give feedback with all the honesty in your heart!

Here is my team's. It's a visual novel where you only get one convo with each person that decides your ending.

Wow! As a Dinosaur myself, I am glad that there is a game that relates to me!

Our team did a visual novel about Social Anxiety where you are only capable of talking to people only once. Went smooth and ended up better than I expect. The team was great and I had tons of fun Voice acting.


Will you also send the pizza split if the team is across the country?