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This is pretty good ngl.

Never stick your dik in Krazy guys, just a friendly reminder

Lol I to got confused when test Playing it through, but hey I guess I can call it intentional bug lol

And I will try to create a game with story line since I basically got tons of idea stack on my folder right now, I just don't know which to choose... btw thanks for testing this game

Ohh sorry I'm not always online... (Sorry about that)
And yes I did use baybayin :)

Thanks, I was looking for  Door Animation, since I only have 16x16 "All Hail Pipoya!"

I'mma have a blast playing this game

Za Warudo

Damn, it's cool

This is good for games that have chubby character and kawaii stuff XD

Damn Cool! Can I use this for Wolf RPG?

This is so relaxing

Sup I'm nobody really I just make some random game if I can. my first game I made is an  RPG game called Isekai Onegai it's made with wolf rpg edior. its a game about Kai who got reincarnated and blablalba it's actually a random game that I Made. I also sometimes make music if I feel like it. although it's not that good as others. it's to bland I guess.