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The game? :-P

100% agree with Eric Neu: awesome gameplay concept but lack of background and instructions at the beggining.

Interesting gameplay bu I did not understand why the islands sink? Is it time-based?

I agree with Deakcor. Also, some instructions would have been nice :-P

I was also impressed with the amount of work and info put in. The only "big catch" may be how much time must be spent clicking here and there (maybe harvest build could work automatically?) ^^U Great game though!

I just finished the prologue and I only want yo thank you guys for the amazing work! I loved it!

Awesome sound xD

I hated you triying to leave the first island. I wanted to kill you when I saw where were the arm :-P

Challenging and good looking game ;-)

Well I am late for ranking but contratulations for your score!

Nice game, altough I was humilliated by the robot :'(


Maybe its a little too much to expect the player to keep playing 80+ minutes :-P Entertaining game!

Hi I agree with dk5000p, the paddle should be faster. Also the ball bounciness could be a little more "intuitive" ^^U Nice game though!


Godot FTW! :-) Indeed I could not get the HTML 5 exported game work for me (I got a OpenGL ES error every time). I have to give it some time to see if I can fix it.

Thank you for playing!


I wanted the player to suffer from low energy! :-P Do you mean an online or a "offline" highscore? I did not think about it while rushing the development ^^U

Thank you for the feedback!


Yes, maybe it's a bit slow, I did not worried about adjusting speed as much as I should.

Thank you for commenting. Glad that you liked it! ;-)