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57?! woooow😅 nice job! thankyou for playing and giving feedback. sorry a bug stopped you cracking 60!

thankyou 😁

ohhh nice! you were only a couple of points from my score and I made the game 😅 I guess I'm gonna have to keep practising my surgery skills

These things happen in gamejams, don't sweat it! 
FWIW I think its a good mechanic, I wouldn't remove it just fiddle with the sensitivity.

ahh I missed that! I was probably too focused on the action 😅

This was a little addicting once I got the hang of it! I managed to beat it after a few goes!  nice work, I really enjoyed playing it!

I thought this was really solid. Everything felt polished and cohesive and worked well together. It had really nice game feel and was a pleasure to play. In my opinion, you got the pacing spot on too, building each mechanic up and introducing new mechanics. 

The style was simple but highly polished with a lovely colour palette and some nice effects and polish. 

Overall it didn't feel much like I was playing a game jam game, it felt almost like a finished product, well done!

Loved the intro animation and the sound effects on it! Great to see a tutorial, it felt really polished!

Extra collectables were a nice touch, certainly made me stop and consider where they might be hidden quite a lot. 

The gameplay and controls were overall good but would sometimes feel a bit unfair, especially being 'squished'. I also really struggled to use the building blocks without just immediately crushing them... . but these issues are very much a problem with my skill and common in these sorts of games, they are meant to be hard! I definitely think you smashed it with what you managed to do in 3 days! really impressive! 

I am Mad at Karl.... i wish I'd noticed the preview screenshot and not fallen for the trick 😂

This was fun! I liked how many different things you managed to fit in and juggling all the tools at the end few levels was a good sort of chaos! The animation of the character and the enemies spinning the weapons and moving their hands was really effective!  There were a couple of places I got stuck and couldn't find a way to reset the level so I had to refresh, so I was really thankful my progress was saved! overall a real fun game, thanks!

(Also really appreciate all the options/settings!)

Cute, so cute. I love the aesthetic and how everything complements each other, its really cohesive.  great work on the polish 👌 

Solid. 👌🤙 

This doesn't feel like a game jam game, its got so much polish. It's really compelling and easy to pick up but incredibly moreish.

Absolutely smashed it, no notes 💯

I love the look of this! Its got a really strong identity and aesthetic! 

The gameplay loop is good and easy to understand whats going on. It's challenging and very easy to "just have one more go!". It's pretty challenging. 

It would be nice to have a score screen as snapping back to the main menu was a little disorientating. 

Great job, fun game : )

I love this idea and the Schmibles are so cute... i felt bad launching them into the void.

My first play through i missed the part about combining them and just kinda enjoyed the vibe throwing Level 1 Schmibles into a wall and then freaking out when the lazers arrived 😅. 

Playing through the second time after reading the rules made everything more intense and hectic. It was fun, but i am pretty rubbish at it.

The game looks great and is fun to play. The VFX for the lasers and indicted Schmibles were really well implemented and i loved how it built up into a crazy chaotic experience! great job!

This reminds me a little of the old Donkey Kong Country games where you shoot out of barrels. Its a fun high-score challenge but I was a little confused about how to control the cannons and stop the shots from veering off.

the graphics looks great and the water was really nice.

great job

This was charming! I had a lot of fun. I thought I was doing amazingly and then suddenly the numbers started to dwindle. I felt so sad watching my last dinosaur wander around 😅. There was a lot of variety in the evolutions which i really liked. It took me a little bit to realise the T-rex was eating my dinosaurs!

nice work, great job 👍

I thought this was a lot of fun. I played a few times and when I was done noticed the info about how to move 😅. I then played again and it was a lot easier and I got to see more of the pins evolving! Really nice work!

I thought this was a great idea and really impressive to get the mechanics working in such a short period of time! Everything worked well together and I felt like I could quite easily understand what was going on and how things worked. 

The effects at the edge of the arena and when you got shot were a nice touch and the themeing was really coherent and polished!

I did find it quite tricky. I really wanted to be able to collect loads of code blocks to experiment but i was struggling to find many (I guess that's a testament to how fun the idea is!).

Nice work, great job!

see if you have what it takes to be the bad guy (and see if you can spot all the hidden horror references!)

Last weekend me and a friend held a self imposed game jam to make a horror or haloween inspired game. We decided to make a homage to the kind of cheesy 90's slasher cult classic movies.  We ended up with a top down stealth action sort of game with dynamic lights and a tense atmosphere.

The game takes place in a classic Horror setting; a cabin in the woods. You, as the killer, have to try and dispose of all the inhabitants before the depart at sun-up.  You can take the quick action with a knife but that will leave evidence that you need to make sure others dont spot! If you opt for a slower method then still be sure to hide the body! Whatever you do dont be caught because if any victims reach the shotgun its game over for you!

Obviously being made in 48 hours its a little rought around the edges but im pleased with how much we achieved. Do you think this sort of mechanic could work in a fleshed out game? 

(we did use a purchased pixel art pack because neither of us can art!)