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Model 2 Type E

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Geil, dass dirs auch gefällt.

Das Aufheben der Objekte ist durchaus bissl hakelig, da müsste man sich (besonders wenns auf ner switch releasen sollte) abändern; vielleicht nen Button, der alles in naher Umgebung aufsammelt.

Holy smokes, this is a really nice game! Atmosphere, graphics and gameplay. Loved it all. Super good entry.

Fucking loved the humor, but the 3D sound wasnt very accurate, so spam clicking helped. Nice entry.

Really cool platformer that transformed the jam theme well. Only issue i had with this was x being the jump key. But otherwise good game!

Really nice and cute game, loved the idea. Audio would have been nice, but thats about the only real flaw here. Really nice entry.

The UI lacks some clarity, but the audio and visual design was pretty nice. Sharks kill you with lightning speed, so you cant really dodge them.

Robot controls felt very wonky, but the horror aspect was done well. Audio design was on point, also good voice over. Nice game.

Controls felt weird sometimes, but the theme was well done; the sound effects were only few but very fitting. A solid entry.

Idea was really dope and i enjoyed the atmosphere together with the audio design. Really nice entry.

An explanation as to how the game works would have been helpful, but its a nice idea.

Really liked the looks, tho would have loved some sounds in this. The idea and gameplay are pretty cool, a nice entry.

Fun little game, tho you basicially won after placing 10+ candles, plus it starts lagging at that point.

Well done.

You're welcome :)

Aren't they just the cutest things?