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Thank you for the comments & the video!! Your feedback has been received, glad you had a great time with the music :D

Thanks for your review! The difficulty definitely needs some work, but I’ll pass what you said to the artist xD

Thanks for your review! Yeah we definitely should have make the bomb appear at a later stage of the game or even in a different difficulty mode. Thanks for trying the game out! ^^

Hi, it’s an interesting idea and I like your visuals (and have a thing for sushi and conveyor belt). However I couldn’t read the full instructions and just wasn’t sure how to proceed beyond a certain point. Would love to play it again with some update (music would be a nice additional touch too).

I didn’t know of Conway’s game of life before but this game has made me interested in it :D Nice and challenging puzzle, and the music + sound effects fit the game atmosphere well

A cool concept being presented as a challenging puzzle with nice visual and fitting music. Great job for a 48h jam :D

Thank you, I will keep that in mind for the next jam :D

Thank you for your generous comment :D

Thank you! Yep I’d like to die like that too xDD

Thank you! I will remember that for my next jam xD

An interesting concept with nice music and visuals! Died a bunch of times but it was great when I nailed the spells xD

Pacing hmmmm Thanks for the review :D The ending has to be that way for a game like this xD

Thanks xD

Thanks! Yeah this is what I get for over-simplifying the easier levels…


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This is a story about humans in the future, and their complicated relationship with AIs.

Ever wonder what it’d be like if we manage to create AIs so realistic, we can’t tell them apart from real humans? What if we no longer hold the absolute advantage of being the ‘real’ ones?

What would it mean for a world struggling to understand the difference now that it’s no longer so visible?

This is only a small glimpse into that conflict-ridden world. Read snippets of what happened leading up to 6200, of how the world was shaped by hostility, prejudice and hatred.

Perhaps the future is already set in stone. Is it a good future? Who can tell?

Link here:

Hi, it was a fun and simple enough game. Haven’t tried the no time-limit one but I assume that’s the one where the N in add-N will vary a lot more.

Just a note, the game kinda bugged out after 3 games in a row.

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Hi, I’ve played your game for a bit and if you don’t mind, here are my comments:

+Really nice title screen

+Cool music

+The special messages in the screen can be quite entertaining

+Game controls are simple enough to pick up

?As the high score line starts at 0 initially, it really crowds the area and I got really confused what is what at the beginning (couldn’t really read the instruction either)

?The pause button looks a bit too big for the screen

?Was not sure which button you were referring to in order to return to menu (found out it was Enter but I was not sure for quite a while)

-The game restarts too quickly (this can cause it to feel quite repetitive - I suggest having an end screen with your ‘message’ and a button to manually restart)

-A quit button in the title screen

Hope this is helpful :D

Hi KJWGAMING, thanks for the initiative & hope you’ll get the time to give my game a shot. Small warning it is a fair bit of reading and trials & errors:

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Would be nice if you can give my game a shot - it’s a scifi mystery text based game

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My first published game, on Itch and in general, please give it a try :D

Thank you for sticking with it until the end :D Glad the journey paid off for you.

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As an aspiring game developer and avid consumer of fiction, I invite you to come into the world of From CHIBI and solve the mystery surrounding yourself and your 'mission'.

In true text-based adventure fashion, you make decisions and gain information exclusively from text input. But unlike the typical adventure where the whole story is narrated to you, this is not a story book. It has been designed to simulate the experience all programmers have with computer terminals in real life. The lore, secrets, ending explanations are all hidden in various places in the game, and you will find yourself getting exceedingly familiar with handling terminal-style input as you keep going at it.

From CHIBI has been beta-tested to make sure that it is not impossible to reach the final ending, and various adjustments have been made to improve the game experience and guide the player to the understanding at the end. I wouldn't want to spoil the mystery to any of you, so come and experience it for yourself!

Link Here: