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Hard to understand this game, I figure it out after a few minutes, the idea is good!

Time passed so fast! It's too hard for me lol

Funny game idea with clean art!

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A cute game with good idea!

Not bad! Easy to learn and fun to play!

I have tried but I still don't know how to play........

Interesting idea of the game, maybe with some tutorials will be better, I had spent a few minutes to figure out how game plays first

The game has polished pretty well, art is amazing! And the gameplay is fun too. But I think it should be able to show text instantly so that player don't need to wait too long

The game has well polished, simple but fun mechanic, the art is clean but present pretty well!

Great physic game! Too hard for me to pass level1 lol

The game looks epic! The art is awesome, but it tooks a few minutes try to figure out how to play, because the text is too small to read it. anyway, good job!

The art is great, the game with the fast pace, I really enjoy it.

The gamplay has potential, but after I won the first battle, I'm stuck and can't move on, not sure is it a bug

simple but fun game, and the art is clean!

The game has potential to be great, the art is clean.

The art is good, puzzles getting harder but it's fun!

I like the game mood!

Nice puzzle game, simple but with deep mechanics!

The art is awesome, gameplay works well

interesting game, the art is clean and good.

The idea works well,  and the art is awesome!

simple but funny mechanism, the art and music also fit well! 

通关了游戏!是个 meta 元素挺浓厚的游戏,仿佛看到作者做游戏时的心路历程。一些小细节做得还挺讲究的,例如上楼梯时的速度、在大厅时调整六张椅子还有句吐槽(无意间触发,说实话没有说明还真看不出来是什么,此处应弹出成就2333)。结尾的戛然而止属于意料之外情理之中,是个挺有趣的游戏!



That's awesome!

I love the music!

Simple idea but works pretty well, I enjoy playing it! And the art is good, well done!

It really important for me! +1 to the request

Interesting idea! Very funny game, good job!

I create a rhythm game, feel free to play my game

thanks for the feedback, I wanna implement some failure mechanic but I have ran out of time lol

Nice! when will the standard version release?

General Data Manager is aim to customize visualize configuration data. Support json data visualize.

Currently only the windows platform is supported.


  • Visualize configuration data
  • Convenient to dynamically modify the structure and format the data according to the configuration information
  • Support custom validation of fields
  • Supports multi-level nesting of fields
  • Supports multilingualization of data


Thanks! It's my first time make a game, and i'm trying to learn how to make audio.

Yes and no, the story started at bbc 227, when Qin is still a kingdom. After bbc 221, Qin became a empire.

Pretty fantastic work! Thanks!

Thanks! It help me a lot!

Pretty fantasy tool! But when I try to use custom node, I can't drag node to the right edge, is it a bug or any config  can make it right?