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Hey Drifty, thank you for the detailed review! I've never played Tactics Ogre or FFIV, super interesting to hear about the similarities.

The combat certainly is a sticking point. For a long time I debated whether it would be useful or not, and in the end didn't have time to make it polished or unique. The time I did spend on it was also time not used for improving the events, which I slightly regret. 

Glad to hear that not all of it was bad, and happy that the feedback is quite concrete. This certainly will help tightening things up for future iterations of the game. Thank you for playing! 

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Thank you for giving it a try! Sorry for the random bugs and and awkward controls, but that jump in stage 1 was incredible! My heart was warmed by your calm and pragmatic approach in both stages.

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Thank you for the kind words! Being able to change polarity freely or not was one of our hottest debates, but we ended up experimenting with how having them as pickups would affect the game play. It provided a lot of interesting scenarios to craft, but limits level design as all situations need to be solvable with either color. We'll try free changing in the second MagNet Soul game! 

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Liked it, fun idea and quick enough. Just wish something else than regular soldiers were the bottleneck, or it was possible to upgrade countries :)

Incredible concept! The title is just pure genius. Didn't manage to save everyone but had lots of fun!

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Thank you and congratulations for a very nice time! There are some bugs that may allow for a faster time in theory, but 31-32 seconds feels pretty close to the limit of what's currently possible.

The controls and level design is very good, but I wish there were more checkpoints. Nice work!

Awesome, glad to hear you're planning a sequel! I'll be looking forward to its release :)

I like the game, but would like it even more if it saved progress and was more challenging (maybe an extra difficulty or two beyond Hard). Unless you're making lots of money off the Android version I don't see any reason to limit the game's features on

Thank you for developing and updating the game!

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Thank you for the feedback. While our definition of a "game" may differ, I'm glad to hear you felt emotions of joy while experiencing our interactive adventure! 🙂

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Oh! I would love to see fanart of our art game!

Thank you so much for this awesome thread, it made my day to see interaction between creators! <3

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Why not share the results publicly? That way the whole world can benefit from your hard labor! 💕🌎✌

SLAM that download button - guaranteed to be worth it!