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thank you for playing!

thank you for playing! i can't believe it either...

god these puzzles were hard

not in a "hard to understand way", in a "patience is key" way? tbh if i were to suggest anything it would be adding a visible timer to the puzzles to play off the narrative tension of being forced to solve a hard and all no-rush puzzle while being short on time

the second and third puzzles were better than the first tho!! the first one was a bit frustrating because the horizontal lines clearly align but the vertical lines - you have to either know how wide exactly the columns are or test pieces at random to match the edges

anyway, that's all about puzzles

i really liked the limited color-scheme, makes the game very stylish, and the artstyle is working very well with the writing

tbh not a big fan of Lovecraft the airconditioning dude myself; but the writing is solid, and the beginning, intrigue and tension were written really well - the whole street, the personality of the protagonist, the mystery set-up, seamless and pleasant read 

however, near the end i felt like some parts were left unexplored...? i felt like i'd like to know more about how Albert's parents were involved in the mystery, who are those who oppose the cult, and more tension and time in unsolving the motives of the mysterious cult itself

and officer jaeger - i half-expected him to turn out to be a member of the cult, especially because the cultists said they were working with the police, so him appearing again would've been really great, i think! 

"the outerworld" BG was amazing and beautiful, and the imagemaps really fun and effective way to learn about our MC and his backstory

all and all, it was a wonderful and stylish game, just wish i had more of it and more answers to the questions posed! 

ah sorry, the vending machine isn't giving away any lamb plushies... it likes them, so it wants to hoard all of them for itself!

anyway, the High-Spirited Girl has been fixed in the new patch, as well as some other sounds, thanks for pointing out! and now there's also a walkthrough if you'd ever want to get all other endings

thank you for playing and for such a long and thoughtful review! 

hi! thanks for playing! i uploaded a walkthrough in the devlog, you can see how to get all the achivements there 

thanks for playing! a game of league a day keeps the exam anxiety away :D

thank you! I can't say my universities times were pointless... but yeah, at some point i've learned how to mass-produce theses like subway sandwiches... 

it might be sloppy and half of the references lettuce is falling apart but hey... it's a sandwich! edible and passable :D

Wiser words have never been spoken.

- NotAGhostwritingServiceCEO

(thanks for playing!)

thanks! same ;)

it was a really fun puzzle game! simple but effective design, and i love when 'tutorial' text has some personality in it 

a small suggestion as an anti-frustration mechanics: it would've been really nice if color-changing pluses would've actually colored in the color they recolor the player's control to: when there are a bunch of them in the same place, it's frustrating to remember which one would color your cursor in which way. i also don't think it "eases up" the game as you still need to solve the puzzle but it removes a lot of frustrating replays where you have the idea on how to solve the puzzle but you forget which one of the six plus signs in a single row recolors your cursor in which color

p.s. also, for some reason WASD worked perfectly for me, but arrows worked only right and left, not top and bottom ones. 

overall, great job! 

I saw some people doing it and thought I might join as well. Drop me a link and I'll play your game and leave a comment there! 

(P.S. I have no mouse atm so I can only play touchpad-friendly or WASD-only games) 

And my game is:

ah, thanks for the comment!'s fairly flawed in some aspects because the whole engine was new to me and i kinda tried to make it work in 72 hours so, duly noted!

P.S. regarding orwell... well, let me phrase it.. carefully enough. while i myself don't live in a CERTAIN COUNTRY, and 1984 is NOT OFFICIALLY BANNED in that specific country, i also have living relatives in said country, and some people got in trouble for publicly reading 1984 or leaving copies of it in public places. so, the heavy reference in itself is a commentary on today but a foreign reader won't probably notice that, so let's say it was a shallow attempt of mine to replace real-life places and events with borrowed from 1984 for reasons of not getting too deep into the propaganda hole myself.

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Excuse my mad paint skills (nothing of it is assets to be used in the final game, it's a screenshot of my previous game and... my bachelor thesis) 

But I think you can get the idea? 

On the right, there is a "MS Word" I'm talking about - I plan to take a screenshot of actual Word and process the image, and the left part is NVL textbox as a part of default RenPy mode. 

It will be a part of the game, but it will make up the majority of the game, so to say. 

And I plan to hide parts of the in-MS-Word lorem ipsum text with code-generated white rectangles, to reveal it later. Also, the "interface" of the "fictional MS Word" will be custom and actual part of the GUI, so it will have WORDS LEFT field and TIME LEFT field to interact with the player and let them know how much "action points" they have left. 

Hope that makes sense!

I am thinking of using NVL mode, so the screen will be split in two: on the left side, there will be in-game text and buttons, and on the right there will be the "MS Word"-ish kind of program, which will then reveal some parts (hidden with code-made white square) of the "text" written based on the choices of the player.

ah but thank you! if you feel it's underrated, recommend it to your friends, make them play it, and share the word *wink wink nudge nudge* hehe! 

but seriously, thanks! glad you enjoyed your time.

Would a "MS Word"-ish kind of interface be considered a part of GUI or a background? (i.e. the player chooses some buttons, and a fictional MS Word on the screen reveals some bits of flavor text (lorem ipsum, not relevant to the plot). 

oh my, the devil playing the game with the devil! thank you for playing, your unholiness, we mere mortals are very glad you had fun!

thank you!

oh well, oh well. sadly, I don't know much about anarchist theories and their stances on the justice system - we've always been taught law is inseparatable from governments, and anarchy is against any order, especially state order, so it always seemed to me that legal doctrine as it is now has no place in it. and well, without legal doctrine there would be no yurisprudence - the whole game is about it, kinda :D

anyways, I am glad you found the game's content interesting! thank you for playing.

hey! thank you for playing; glad you empathized with the narrative so much! 


about kindness and roasting… maybe, if you haven’t already, you could check out the game file script.rpy and find some answers there! the easiest way to do this would be to download ren’py and open script.rpy with the ren’py editor, atom. 

(they’re not good answers, though!)

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ah, thank you! I'm glad to know fellow content creators find it relatable or something! 

(and frankly, I just giggle when I think I just stole an academic literary theory thingie and made it into a character, and somehow, it worked :D) 

ah, thank you for such a long review! to be honest, it's the best comment I could've dreamed of getting for yurisprudence - because I wrote it as a love letter to my intlaw degree (and out of oh so love/hate feelings towards Ace Attorney) and if it made you think we are a bunch of mostly decent people - that means, it worked :D 

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Thank you for your attention and for playing!

We have a full script, all the music and most of the art done — however, as for now we’re just a little bit stuck with implementing a shooting mini-game. But we will definitely finish the project, so keep an eye on it — the Nightbringers are not the ones to quit a contract mid-air!

hi, thank you for playing!

on name changes: it is basically a one prolonged reference to philosophy in general. Because it's implied that the player is an amnesiac god of sorts,  name options are based on famous philosophers for their main pursuit was to observe life and existing reality, but they were also capable of writing their own fictional pieces. The name changes also were there to give the player an unsettling vibe from the very beginning of the game to add suspense and hint that the coffeeshop is not just a coffeeshop, it's a place outside reality the player is visiting inbetween their lives. 

thank you! I assume you decided to get the 'I am the writer' ending, then? :D just curious! 

(1 edit)

and thank you for asking! it's really embarassing that i let it be in a lagged state for several hours...

also, if you decide to replay it, please delete your persistent files if that's not too much of a hassle...

here's the guide how to do it!

oh my god I am sorry

that's a bug, the code accidentally skips like, most of the game, that was the ending

if you're still interested, i reuploaded it - it should consist of the full game now! please, replay it :D you have the ending basically spoiled, but maybe you will enjoy it nonetheless :D

sorry, I was very tired when uploading :D 

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hahaha sorry I'll try my best to not make such mistakes again and refer to the Moldovan constitutional crisis of 2019 in every game from now on :D please don't hate me I am very sorry for my criminal negligence :D

thank you!


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oh, thank you!

well, yeah - the names kind of have a meaning? they are a one prolonged reference to philosophy, they're meant to give the player an 'off' vibe, and then Lucy tells the player that the coffeeshop is essentially a place the player visits inbetween their lives. I thought it would be obvious to spot since games like Nier:Automata made philosophers like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir pretty well-known :D

if you're curious about how they were chosen, I've answered that in the discussion below. 

thank you for playing!

oh wow a gameplay! thank you, i am very honored!

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thank you! it warms my heart to know you were able to see and recognize love behind all the dry legalese :D

really cool meta experiment, absolutely adore it

thank you thank you! you could say we really did our due diligence didn't we : D

no no i actually stopped by just to say how your cool new game kicked me in the gut while simultaneously burning my home and deleting all word copies of my thesis and then left me dying helpless and exposed on the brightly lit street because it's been a whole day and i still feel semi-unconsious like i had a massive cardiac arrest so

thank you 

jesus christ why do you have an ao3 profile

10/10 in vague department now follow my ao3 please

Thank you! Oh, you must've encountered one of the bugs, you just don't know it - the thing is, you weren't supposed to learn true names of two of the characters just yet :D

But thank you for playing and for your generous words! We're planning to fix all these issues in the next patch. 

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ohhh your words flatter my heart! 

on name references: it is basically a one prolonged reference to philosophy in general (because it's implied that the player is an amnesiac god of sorts, I thought about giving name options based on famous philosophers because their main pursuit is to observe life and existing reality, but they are also capable of writing their own fictional pieces). so, they're all references, I wanted to represent men and women equally but I also didn't want them to be seen as a "pick your gender" choice in every run so for some runs I paired two women or two men. 

the names are: Rene (Descartes), Hannah (Arendt), Mary (Wollstonecraft), Edmund (Burke), Zeno (of Elea),  Philippa (Foot), Hypathia (of Alexandria), Ayn (Rand), Simone (de Beauvoir), Jean-Paul (Sartre), Soren (Kierkegaard), Albert (Camus), Karl (Marx), Adam (Smith), Rosa (Luxembourg) and Peter (Kropotkin). Some of them were paired because the theme of the day fit (like Rosa Luxembourg and Peter Kropotkin for the one that mentioned the USSR and they were the communism/socialism ideologists; and Soren Kierkegaard and Albert Camus for the one with an absurdly long order because they were the absurdists), some of them were just out of the blue because I needed to fill the gaps (I mean I had a philosophy course in university but I was definitely not a philosophy major).  

anyway, thank you for the comment and for playing!