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Got done playing this and it was really great! Was really fun to see the other side of the story :)

Ohh I love the VN version of Marina and Nan! n.n But yeah take your time, no rush :) I'm excited to see what you do with them going forward.

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Love the game a lot! Was pretty surprised how challenging some of the battles were but that could also be from me not playing a lot of RPG maker games recently lol

I'd love to see a more full version of this story is possible one day whether it's in an rpg genre or visual novel :)

Will play second part tomorrow! n.n

Added you n.n my discord is merik.

Ah okay, if you don't mind I'd love to add you and talk more about game development and anything else n.n

Thank you :) Also I wanted to let you know I tried adding your discord that's on your profile but it says the username is incorrect o:

Hi Anwynn :) so glad to see you still making games and everything. Will definitely check out the first in the series before playing this n.n

To answer your edit I think the problem is I didn't give much time for the characters to really be given much of a personality. I never intended the VN to be long from the start, just wanted to make a short love story from the point of view of someone who's disabled and another who isn't.

Me adding everything else I think detracted from that and made it become something else completely or jumbled up to the point it became a mess. The only thing I could think of that might've made things a little better is if I had voice actors for the characters to express their emotions due to my writing not being the best.

Thank you though for playing the game and giving a review :) I hope to create better VNs in the future with all the feedback I've been given.

It's due to me using CPS in Ren'Py, so it uses a fixed speed. Sorry for any trouble this caused.

Thank you Anwynn! The whole team did an amazing job n.n

Hi everyone,

I've been a game designer for 3+ years with experience in being a lead designer for 1 of those years and over a year of experience as a 2D animator. I'm experienced in working with Unity and Ren'PY but I'm happy to try out other engines I haven't used yet.

CrayonQuest - Here you will be able to see my animation work in-game.

Entrapped - You can see my game design skills here.

Wheel of Innocence - My more popular game which just recently came out shows a bit more of my game design skills as well as writing skills if a team needs it.

You can find more of the games I was involved with at my page n.n

Excited to see the future of CrossLust and I hope you get better soon!

Looks great! I started playing a bit earlier and I'm loving it so far. I'm excited to see the rest of the story as I continue playing n.n

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Can't wait to play it! Will for sure try it out when I got time.

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Thank so much! I'm glad you liked it n.n

I loved writing the story book part. It was very fun and a breath of fresh air, in a sense, to write something a bit lighter in tone xD Perhaps one day I might explore that world more but for now I'm happy with the little piece I was able to show.

Also yes Mizuki was the one talking there D: Thank you for letting me know about the name mistakes, it'll be fixed in 1.1.0. :)

Hi! Thanks for making these, I used a few of the songs in my visual novel Wheel of Innocence

Thanks so much for making these! n.n I used them in my visual novel Wheel of Innocence

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to announce the official release of Wheel of Innocence! 

Wheel of Innocence is a lesbian visual novel where you peer into the life of a disabled high schooler named Reina.

Reina is currently in her last year of high school; but had recently changed schools due to severe ableist bullying, and hopes to finish it with a clean slate. After a few days in the new year she is introduced to her volunteer assistant, a kind and upstanding classmate named Mizuki. During the rest of the first semester they bond over the hardships of school life and become close friends with something more sprouting underneath, but not without conflict brewing in the horizon. Will they face their problems hand-in-hand, or lose their grasp on that which binds them together?

Get the game here:

Happy Gaming,

Merik (MKShadowZX)

Will do :) Can't wait for the update to try it n.n

I'll be trying it out once I have time! ^-^

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Yeah, though I thought Photoshop would try to recover the file but I guess if the program gets closed during mid-save it can't do much v.v

Thank you, I feel dumb as well for having everything in one PSD file lol. I now have everything in their own PSD file with a backup copy as well xD

Thank you! ^-^ That means a lot and I can't wait for you all to be able to read the full version! :3

Thank you for the offer! :) For now I'm more focused on getting everything in the game but if I ever do need a tester in the future I'll contact you and ask if you're free to help.

Oh I meant the speech bubble xD and thank you!

I don't but I already knew about the sprites since I just wanted a small portion of the game to be released in time for the SuNoFes game jam. I figured renpy would pull up the default silhouette if it couldn't find the sprite.

Thank you for the feedback! :) This is currently fixed in the final build so it should be good once the full version releases n.n 

I do have a question though, was the texts still able to come through even though an image wasn't loaded?

Thank you! n.n

Thank you so much for the comment :) <3

This is my first time using Ren'py so it's been a challenge doing this but I can't wait for you and others to play the full game soon! n.n

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I can change/remove it since the story is more focused on the L part, there are other parts of the community included in the game such as bisexual but I don't focus on it at all and it's just more of a mention.

EDIT: I changed it so it's more specific, I hope that helps. n.n

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Wheel of Innocence is a lesbian visual novel where you go through the story of a disabled character named Reina.  

Reina is currently in her last year at a new high school due to severe bullying from the last school she attended and hopes to finish it with little issues. A few days into the new year she is introduced to a volunteer assistant named Mizuki.  

During the rest of the first semester, they both go on adventures and become close friends with something more sprouting but soon problems start happening which they will need to resolve together or alone.


This is currently a pre-alpha version of the game with sprites missing and some audio missing, I didn't had enough time to finish the whole thing but I wanted to release something at least for SuNoFes 2022. I hope some people will enjoy this little snippit, the rest of the VN will be finished soon! n.n

Get the pre-alpha here:

Thanks for making a character who's disabled! It means a lot to those who are in the same general situation n.n I used this character (and a few other/s you created as well as backgrounds) in my VN Wheel of Innocence. It's still in pre-alpha but I'm excited to finish it.

The core mechanic of the game is  really enjoyable but there are quite a few things holding it back.

- The controls are pretty simple and objective is simple to understand.

- The sfx that plays when you're walking is perfect and isn't annoying or too much.

- Was surprised with the top down view.

- Levels are way too huge with a lot of emptiness. Maybe adding light puzzles to give the levels a bit more than just walking around would help.

- Enemies aren't obvious until they just come out of nowhere. Possibly add some sfx for them so the player will know when one is coming towards them.

- The bar at the top is too in your face and is distracting, could be put to the side in a vertical position.

- The items that I picked up was weird and had no explanation, specifically the book/journal?

- One enemy in the second level was bugged and would walk through the visible level.

I really like the main premise of the game but there were some mechanics that was confusing to me.

- The objective of the game was easy to understand thanks to the beginning dialogue.

-  The transition from the menu to the game was really well done.

- Liked that everything was saved even when you died so you can get back to where you were faster.

- Controls could've been explained a little with a pop up or a message in game.

- The second level was weird since you had to get hit to proceed.

- Not sure what the long timer is for, was a bit confused with that since it resets when you die.

- Enemies don't get flinched when you hit them with the shots sometimes. Not sure if they can't get hit when they see you and start shooting but I''m assuming that is what's going on.

The core game is really good and I like it a lot, it needs more work in the level design just to be able to know what's going on at the start but overall it's fun.

- The character art is really cute and the animations fit it well.

- The platforming and puzzle stuff was fun to play through.

- It was hard to know what I was trying to do at the start since the character is so small and isn't as visible in the level, especially when there is another ghost character in the level too so you get confused.

I really love the core mechanic of the game there are some things that need adjusting but overall I really enjoy it n.n

- The art is really well done as well as a lot of the distraction mechanics animations.

- The narrative gave pretty clear instructions on what you need to do in the game.

- Controls could be better told to the player, having a controls U.I panel in the main menu would be great.

- The sfx that plays when moving is pretty annoying personally.

- One thing I found is in the first room you can press E on the table, wait for them to group, then spam F to win the game. One thing you all can do is add a cooldown for the scare mechanic so it doesn't happen.

The core aspect of the game was fine but it does need work specifically giving the player the knowledge on the controls.

- I like the lights mechanics where you can't stand it in and you lose hp.

- I'm not sure what the reason was to have it drain constantly when out of the light. I sorta understand that vampires need blood but you already have the 'if I go in the light I lose hp' mechanic so adding more stuff that loses your hp is a bit too much personally.

- The controls were pretty floaty and speaking of controls none of it was mentioned at all and I only found by pressing every button that you can pick things up. Even having a simple controls UI panel would makes things a lot better.

- The opening splash screen is a lot and not sure what a lot of it means in terms of the icons (cup, statue, etc) like I get they're in game stuff but not sure why you put them all there?

I like the core game mechanic but it does need a lot of fleshing out especially with dragging the objects and getting it right.

- Really like that I'm able to move the object to create the shadows in order to get to the objective.

- It took a bit to understand what I was trying to do since you would fail so fast at the start.

- The objects would be wonky in controlling where to place it in the level.

- A good way to try and fix these issues is to have a speed button (1X, 2X, 4X, etc) so the player can choose how fast they move through the level and properly set things up before moving out of the shadows.

I really love the main premise of the game and can see this becoming a full game with more fleshed out mechanics n.n

- Love the puzzles in order to get some of the food especially the last level.

- Really like the lights mechanics with the lightning.

- The tutorial was really appreciated.

- The enemies should have a light glow since you can't see them when it's in darkness other than the grass and some wood tiles.

- Some enemies would get bugged in the entrance of a few places.

I played the game out (or watched it I suppose lol) and I really love the concept of it. I made a few notes so I'll just copy and paste on here

- Love that upgrades continue with you in a new game after you win.

- The different biomes are really cool and seem to be random.

- I like how each class is easy to tell with the symbols on their shield.

- Each class brought something unique and strong to the game which was great.

- Wish I could see the stats that would increase when you mouse over an upgrade.

- You don't seem to get a lot of exp, you get 2 bars full by the time you reach the boss.. In one second run it seems to give me about 3 or 4 but I also got a few chests too.

- With the shield and heal cooldown being so low it would be nice to have the base power increased.

- There was a bug where the boss flew across the screen, not sure what triggered that, had to start over cause the boss wouldn't return.