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Replied to slipcor in Bug Reports

I've had it explode the stuff out when picking up while crouching as well, it's less frequent but still does happen on occasion.

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In the most recent version (what with the mining) actually going out to mine is rather frustrating due to the crates/horse.  Picking up a full crate will cause the ores/stones in it to randomly explode out of it and go all over the place, and the horse's cart likes to bounce around more than the wagons in Red Dead Redemption, like the premise but the way it's working currently is frustrating.  Also, found what look like logs for the furnace out in the forest but wasn't able to pick them up or the like (didn't have an axe at that point cause the game bugged on launching and just deleted all my starting stock outside the pickaxe/handle)

-Edit: Also noticed that it seems that the wagon, even if the horse is standing still, will bounce and jump about randomly, causing it to spill logs, and that, on occasion, while turning (even with a wide turn) logs will fall out the bottom or the wheels will clip through the wagon (even slightly) and force logs/ore out.  Even had a case of the horse walking in a strait line, with an empty crate at the back of the wagon and a stone and a coal at the front, and nothing for the horse to 'run into' (no rocks or anything) and suddenly the crate shoots past me, I tell the horse to stop and the coal and stone are no where to be seen.  Perhaps the horse's wagon could have a 'closed' state that you set it too when getting ready to move it that kind of 'freezes' or seals it's contents inside it to solve the problem?  Also perhaps removing the front set of wheels would help too, since they clip through the wagon, a ton.

Posted in Suggestion Box

So I did have some thoughts, pertaining to materials.

1) Alloying Copper/Tin for bronze, normally this is an 88% copper 12% tin, but it could be done as 9:1 ratio, which would allow people to make something more valuable than copper weapons but not as valuable as tin weapons (maybe a special station to do so?)

2) Material based requests like 'I want a copper one handed weapon' or 'I want an Iron Sword' where perhaps they take either a weapon made of the right material or being of the right type (ie either copper or one handed in the first example, or being iron or a sword in the second)

3)'Burning' ingots later on, where if you just leave them in the running forge for to long they will become 'burnt x ingot' which could either increase, or decrease, the price depending on the material, or who your making it for

4)Enchanting heated blades/blunts/shield by placing them in another 'work station' that you can load those worbedy florbedy crystals into above said 'craft' to enchant it over time like heating the ingots, and potentially allowing for repeatedly running the process to make the enchant stronger

5)A 'list' of things that will be picked up at once (like an 'invoice order' kinda thing)