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Agreed, thanks! I'll add it to our Trello so we can tweak that for the next release. :D

Wooo!! I got 48! 

Thanks for playing, everyone! And thanks so much, Matt and Jordan! This was a real blast!

Hm, it seems like the play area is a bit cramped, I found myself repeatedly ducking in to scatter some water, then rushing back out to evade pursuit. It's a bit hard to aim since I can't look too far ahead, and I can't change my firing angle while moving so I have to stop whenever I should be strafing. Perhaps one way to improve this is if you used wasd to move and arrows to fire, have you tried something like that yet? :)

Hm, I can't seem to get at the blue thing trapped in the green box, and even though I've killed all the red fire baddies, I can't pass theough the pink barrier. Also, this game is taking a crazy amount of resources in my browser, I had to relaunch the first time because it seized up.

The boss battle was pretty nice, I like that the boss freezes when hit, as it allows the player enough time to get out of the way. It's pretty allright, and I like that you included a hint about secret treasures, as I hadn't run across one and would be able to keep an eye out for them in the future (though with how frantic the timer is, I feel as though I'd be pressed for time if I went looking for them-- you may want to tone down the counter a bit and find ways to encourage exploration.) Aside from that, I don't know how to feel about the touting of veganism; it seems a bit out of place and crass in how it was delivered, so it made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Hahah! I loved the cheeky humor in this! "Rock Music" really made me crack a grin. :) Great job! The controls were a bit unconventional, though, so I ended up stumbling over myself a good deal; I'd recommend having an option to choose your controls so you can either only use mouse for point-and-click (would be great for mobile/tablet versions, too!) or use wasd+space. Hope you keep at it, this has potential!

This would be a nice tool for math teachers who are introducing their students to statistics; it's also helpful for doing division in your head and keeping a running tab, so I could totally see this being at home in something akin to Brain Age. Not my cup of tea, but you did a great job with the logic! I did find one bug I'd like to report, too: when I was on the lowest introductory level and passed it, the option to proceed to the next level of difficulty wouldn't register when clicked. 

Keep up the great work! Cheers!

Very relevant and clever! A bit tedious to play, though. It's a fantastic concept, so please do continue to work on it! I'd love to play future versions!!

Wow, this is so cute! You really nailed it with regards to the theme for this jam, it's very clever, great job! You should continue developing this, there's a lot of potential. :) I'd love to see some music for the overworld, and some ways to mix up the gameplay, like powerups (perhaps an invisibility cloak?) Perhaps also making it generate a new map later on after getting out of the tutorial stage.

I'd also recommend tweaking the challenge curve, something I found a little frustrating is that I ended up doubling back multiple times to try and find a secret passage I must have missed, but didn't realize until I accidentally grazed a baddie that they don't deal damage to me, and when attempting to interact to talk with them, only then did I find out you can hide treasure with them. The conveyance could use a slight tweak there. Somewhat related, the trap door tile in the first room was confusing at first so I got caught on my first try while attempting to figure out how to hide treasure in it, haha. Whoops! 

Oh! and not sure if it's a bug (and if so, not sure if you're aware) but somehow I managed to get negative keys and couldn't get rid of my remaining coins. Hmm...

Glad everyone's enjoying it! Make sure to try and hit the candles in the start menu. ;)