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I thought about having a clockwise and counter clockwise button, or even using WASD to be able to turn to whichever direction you want. I  decided to leave it with just the one button to add to the challenge. Considering its only 6 levels, I wanted it to be a bit hard, but definitely doable.

Yes! Some music and sounds would go well, I just didn't have time :( I'll add some in the future!

Really liked this! Wish I had more time to strategize, but I get that's part of the limitation. I did find that there were a lot of negative points, it was hard to get the gauge to back up.

Great idea for the game and I thought the visuals were really good too!

It did take me a while to realize that I had to find the facts in the game. I was waiting for the teacher to say stuff at first.

Yes! I am going to add some music and a satisfying *pop* sound for the dividing. I didn't have enough time to do it for the jam unfortunately :(

I believe you keep moving until you hit a planet. You have to bounce around to get to the checkpoint (There's a tiny planet at the center of the checkpoint marker)

I think that's the lowest I've gotten on this build as well! There is no limit, the balls decrease in size by a certain percentage every time they are divided.

Hooray, I escaped! Took me a good while, I had to walkaway for a bit at the 'falling' level, so I racked up 1382 deaths in 46 minutes. Good variety of levels and strategies needed to complete them. Really enjoyed the gameplay.

Absolutely great Trick or Treatin' game! Loved the art, the sound, the controls were tight and everything just felt right! Also really liked the hints being texts from her brother instead of just spoon feeding info with boring text.

Glad you had fun! The music( by marching dream) and SFX( Shapeforms & MGWSoundDesign) were free assets from the Unity store, so I can't take credit for making those. But it was fun trying to find something with the right fit for the game. 

Thank you! I was originally going to change the kids and houses from just changing colours to actual costume changes (along with colours themes, ie. White ghost, orange pumpkin, purple witch) but I ended up really liking the simplicity of just using the cylinders and cubes. I was afraid having costumes and too many decorations would make it harder to comprehend quickly. Plus, I like how it looks like it could take place on a small tabletop :) 

And I am an fan for intuitive design and being able to learn how to play just by playing. So thank you for that! 

I had thought about a key press, like you said, to change costumes, but after playtesting without it I rather enjoyed trying to avoid bumping into others by making sure to go around them. I understand that it can definitely be frustrating at times (especially when they are clumped together!) but I think it adds to the challenge. 

I spent a while trying to figure out how to have the number of houses that light up increase nicely over time, glad you liked it :) 

Harder than I thought it'd be. totally caught me off guard with how fast it was :D

Ah, yes! I thought I tried pressing every button, but I guess I didn't press F. Finally got to play it and it was really good! Quite challenging though, I think I only got to level 5 on my best run :D

Fun stuff! Nothing more enjoyable than a lil bit of destruction. Was there a way to get the toilet paper? I tried so hard to figure it out, but wasn't able to.

Also, side note, as I was clicking around I noticed that I could change the progress of both the police and destruction by clicking on the progress bars :P

Those are some aggressive spiders!

I think I got all the endings...My fav was getting a new roommate :P


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Ahh, got it. I always tried using the robots closest to the vent! I noticed that when I explored with the red robot this time, the vent did highlight red, I guess I didn't explore enough the first time around :P

I'm interested in playing your game, but I can't get past the menu either. Is there a button to press?

That's great of you, thanks!

Fun game! Really like the aesthetic, and the intro animation looked awesome!

Haha, such a unique idea! Thought it was great, although I wasn't able to get in the vents with the robots. Any hints? 

I think the difficulty is just right. So frustrating at times, but still achievable!

Fun little game! Wish there was more. Is it possible to pass level 5?

Haha, fun game. I did realize that I could spam the spacebar though and get a few candies from one kid before running away. Not sure if that is intended or not, so just thought I'd let you know.

Great throwback! Simple yet fun and looks awesome. Got 97 just now :D

I love it!

Ahhhh, MATH!!

Great idea! Really adds to the creepiness when it's in your actual home!

Good Fun!

A suggestion for the second level though, consider changing the background color slightly so the gray is not the same as the gray foreground level

I'm in the same boat as you. Best of luck and have fun!

Fun game! I like how smooth the banana flies through the air and how it feels so natural even with the wind.

Pleasantly entertained :)

Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out.

Well that was interesting.

May I suggest making the pickups red instead of yellow to represent the blood, and have the enemies a different color.

Hey, I remember making this a couple of months ago!

You might have to resize the viewport of the game on this page. The character is cut-off until switching to fullscreen.

I enjoy the smooth scrolling.

This could double as a great timer app, lol!