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i don't have much insight for the learning curve for unreal but from someone who transitioned from unity to godot, it's not as hard as you might think it is, there are a lot of similarities like stated with the tweets below. 

just jump in with learning about GD-script and the basics of nodes.

if you have knowledge in Python then GD-script won't be hard to transition to at all, and godot also has support for C# if you want to continue with the same language unity uses.

check this tweet out if you're confused with how entities, components, prefabs, etc. convert to godot

another good tweet relating to switching from unity to godot

it can be ether or, but it's preferable for it to have both

you can say that again! :]

can't even read my own font :skull:

thanks for the feed back! i've made the font. and that's 195 not 109 it was really hard making a 4x4 font lol

i just feel like it would look a lot better.

you don't have to follow the theme, only the limitation. the theme is purely optional.

i clicked because it says it has web support, web doesn't work. i downloaded because download says it has linux support, doesn't have linux support. Sadge

pretty good presentation and idea. the gameplay wasn't really my cup of tea but overall good!

thanks for the kind words! did you try to play it on easy mode?


*thumbs up guy*

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tysm! the reason i was able to make so many levels is because i have no life lol

pretty cool, the font at the start is hard to read tho


great use of the limitation!

for anyone getting stuck at a segment for a long time, try going back to main menu and pressing select or tab to activate easy mode

i've added an easy mode, activate it by pressing select or tab in the main menu

it's pretty tight but i think it's possible lol (this is me doing it on keyboard but i recommend using a controller)

thanks for playing, my main fear was people getting stumped there lol

a mac export but no linux ;-;

all i can say now is just to try a download ;-;

thanks alot for the feedback! the cost of the double shot is 10 in total(5 for each shot) with it costing the amount of just one felt a little busted when i tested it out lol seems double shot is still a bit broken tho..

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honestly i have no clue how i could fix this i looked for a while but i think it's a engine bug i might just have to wait for the next engine update and see if that fixes it... in the mean time you could download it or try a different browser ;-; sorry

fr i would love to know!

all of them are so unique

doesn't sound like a Bonk to me

how does the Hit Stun value work?

this is so cute

can you pretty please play my game


thanks for the feedback, btw you can fullscreen by pressing F11!

i like the simple art and kinda wish the shotgun had a secondary instead of just shooting but overall pretty good!

best game yet! love the physics, and game loop

love that it was made in pico8, gives it such a cute vibe


no clue how aiming works, and had no clue what i was meant to be doing