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I could get behind that. I was playing in a 1/4 window on a 1440p monitor, and even at that size, everything was easy to read (that surprised me, actually). I didn't really need the larger size, but the long delay (which is already being changed) made the interface feel laggy. But I'd be perfectly happy with an alternative like you are suggesting.

if that's the way Hearthstone does it, makes sense to follow their lead (I played briefly ages ago). As I said, not a big deal and I'm sure I will adjust to it, it was just one of those immediate impression things, which are occasionally useful.

On the soft lock, yeah I tried to provide a little more info, in case it was the same thing he encountered, since he didn't show it. Also, I doubt he was on the Mac version, as I was. Hopefully that helps track it down.  Oh, I should mention, I believe the option I chose on that encounter was to take out the leaders. I can't verify, since I can't get back to that encounter.  There was a bit of text after about that leading to a fight, and then it stalled.

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Hey everyone, just bought the game and played for a few minutes. A couple of things I wanted to note.

I soft-locked on the first combat I attempted. I believe the music change, but I didn't go to the combat screen. I quit out to the main menu, resulting in a corrupted save. After starting a new game, everything was fine. Although he doesn't show this in the video, I suspect this is the same thing that happened to Splattercat, because when he started a new game it picked up in the exact same spot.

I'd like an option to decrease the time required to hover over a card before the large version pops up. It feels very slow right now. This MAY be because I am playing on an old Mac mini / potato, but everything else feels so smooth, I don't think that's the case.

Just an initial impression thing that I'm sure I'd get used to, but my brain kept trying to tell me red was damage, not health. Consider a change to green? 

Looking forward to diving deeper.