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if that's the way Hearthstone does it, makes sense to follow their lead (I played briefly ages ago). As I said, not a big deal and I'm sure I will adjust to it, it was just one of those immediate impression things, which are occasionally useful.

On the soft lock, yeah I tried to provide a little more info, in case it was the same thing he encountered, since he didn't show it. Also, I doubt he was on the Mac version, as I was. Hopefully that helps track it down.  Oh, I should mention, I believe the option I chose on that encounter was to take out the leaders. I can't verify, since I can't get back to that encounter.  There was a bit of text after about that leading to a fight, and then it stalled.

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Yes, first impression feedback is really valuable. It's not something you get often.

Also regarding the crash: from the sound of it it's something that happens when the combat wants to start but for some reason it doesn't. A log file would be helpful but that's reset every time you relaunch the game so don't worry about it. Should you run into another issue though it'd be very helpful.

I'll just have to sit down and try the start a bunch of times to see if I can trigger the crash. As soon as I can reproduce it I can usually fix it. If I can't it's really hard to pin down what caused it in the first place.