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Hey everyone, just bought the game and played for a few minutes. A couple of things I wanted to note.

I soft-locked on the first combat I attempted. I believe the music change, but I didn't go to the combat screen. I quit out to the main menu, resulting in a corrupted save. After starting a new game, everything was fine. Although he doesn't show this in the video, I suspect this is the same thing that happened to Splattercat, because when he started a new game it picked up in the exact same spot.

I'd like an option to decrease the time required to hover over a card before the large version pops up. It feels very slow right now. This MAY be because I am playing on an old Mac mini / potato, but everything else feels so smooth, I don't think that's the case.

Just an initial impression thing that I'm sure I'd get used to, but my brain kept trying to tell me red was damage, not health. Consider a change to green? 

Looking forward to diving deeper.

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Soft Lock

Yeah, that should not happen. I noticed the same when watching Splattercat's video. His tutorial was slightly out of whack because he had some crash he mentioned briefly. I will have to double and triple check this. Crashes shouldn't happen, especially not this early in the game.

Tooltip Timer

It is currently set to 0.75 seconds but will be reduced to 0.5 seconds in the next major update. I am also considering shifting the display of the card away from the pointer.

Follower Stat Colors

There really is no way to do this "right". I had it as red = attack, green = health but people kept complaining. In the end I looked at Hearthstone, considered them the market leader and just took colors that were similar to theirs. Still I decided to add icons to the cards themselves to make it clearer.

It seems that the yellow/red color scheme works for a lot more people than red/green ever did. Plus it has the added benefit of still working for red/green color blind people. 

So: I know where you're coming from - it's where I started out, but I'm not likely to change this again :)

And lastly: Thanks for your feedback! I hope you enjoy the game. If you have any questions or need anything else, please let me know!