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Thanks a bunch :) glad you liked it :) 

Haha I'm sorry about the sounds!!! This is the first time I've made a HTML5 game and I don't know what was going on with them! in the .exe everything was fine so I really don't know what to say :/ I'm glad you like the controls though :) thought I would leave it more of a learning experience rather than give a tutorial, to kind of add to the pressure ;)

Thanks a lot :D 

The sound gave me a LOT of trouble! This was the first HTML5 game I've ever made and apparently that comes with new and exciting challenges :D :D

I love this game, my first game was a game about bees so this got me :D the music is so awesome with the little bee humming :D great job :) 

The atmosphere, created by the darkness and that music was great, the controls are a little bit hard to use though

Nice game ,a bit hard to control but in a kind of fun way :D like  Mario Kart meets getting over it. If I had one thing to say I think there needs to be some sort of goal to reach, but that's about it.

I like this game a lot :) really fits the theme with some great enemy types

This is a great game, goes from minimalistic feels of breath of the wild to Edgar Allan Poe in under five minutes, nice job.

This game was awesome, super fun to play and really well made :) 

I had a great time playing this game :) the only thing I would say is you need some invulnerability frames, I kept getting beat up  :D and maybe a HUD for lives ?

Its a nice very simple platformer, that fits the theme well :) 

TO THE MOOON! The controls in this game ARE SO HARD! But the game is great fun with such great menu and a beautiful art style :) 

Super calm game really fits the minimalism theme!

Thanks a lot :D this is actually a mini version of my full game its free on my page if you wna check it out :) 

Ahhhhh I'm so happy you liked it :)

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the graphics, I come from an arty background so its always nice to hear when people enjoy it :D the main aspects I focused on for minimalism were one room, only two buttons, and a simple game loop.

thank you for such a great review!

I'm sorry about the performance issues, I never ran any tests with OBS running in the background :D which was kiiiinda dumb now I think about it :D 

I'm genuinely flattered you think it should be a paid game, but I'm just glad you had fun!!! :D :D :D

Thanks so much :D this video was so much fun to watch!

watching this was great :D 

I wish there was commentary would love to have known what was going through your mind when the bugs where chomping on you :D :D 

thanks so much for playing :D 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D, thanks for such a good review, this is my first game, so this kind of feedback is awesome

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Thanks a lot for playing :D  

The world heavily infested and designed to be brutal, so a slow and steady approach is best

 I hope you had fun :) I had fun watching