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Not my thing, though it's a pretty alright game!

Short, but enjoyable. The controls felt weird though. Very happy that it didn't trigger my motion sickness though. This is such a lovely game! <3
Cat Ace community · Created a new topic It's alright

Could use a health meter and a high-score board though :) 

I did a first impressions video on this. Honestly did not expect this to be fully voice acted. The poses were so delightfully goofy too. Was fun!

My mouse was the wrong mouse for this though.

Finished it in 20 minutes,  the game ran extra slow for me. Overall did not feel engaged with it. And it's not even the topic as I've seen war stories done right, this just wasn't it. The mechanics of guessing the right choices and then replaying the segment if you fail did not help either.

So first of all, good points -

1. Thank you for educating people on the importance of end of life decisions and how various procedures work. 

2. I loved the humour and attention put into letters that you receive each day.  Every character seemed unique and very human. 

bad points -

it felt a bit hand-holdy. Meaning that the game was more of an experience to experience rather than a game to play and make choices in. It may be that I just haven't gotten to any choices though. 

overall - this is a very  unique educational game that I believe is worth a play :)

^ full game in a video up above, so only click if you want spoilers. This was so much fun, I just wish it was longer! 

Had way too much fun with this, it is a very wholesome game. I did not expect this to be this good. Good job!