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Mirko Bug

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This just gives me the same emotions i first felt when started working on my story-driven game. It's just amazing, in all ways; It makes the player feel emotions, and it's really immersive. The colors and the art style work perfectly together, creating a warm, calm ambient. The background music helps drive your emotions, and the flags waving with the wind, the dust particles in the thick fog... just beautiful.

You're welcome! This Will be explained in the tutorial of the upcoming mobile version, since lots of people seemed to be confused by this.

If you hear a noise, that Just Means you dont have enough Money for the fuel mix you selected! Hope this helps :P

Wait, did you hear anything when you were pressing the button?

Huh? Thats strange... We'll try to replicate that problem. If we fail, then the problem might be on your end

Hey R-Doman! Thanks for commenting :)

Me and especially RedCube worked hard on this, and we appreciate a lot that you like It! :D

To  increase your health, put some salami in the fuel mix. The tutorial should have explained you all the different elements :P

Good job! Where Is the new update tough

Wow. It's very nice! 

The idea isn't very original, but the game it's very well done. I get a lot of Megaman ZX vibes from this... The atmosphere, the background parallax, the intriguing and complex level structure... it's generally very nice!

You literally used the minecraft nether portal texture. Plus the post processing is poor/almost non-existent, Materials are poor, music sounds like it's made by a 10 year old. Instead, i made my own sprites, imported them, made my scripts, and btw it took me 2.5 hours, and i am a solo dev. Please don't insult other games when yours isnt even comparable.

iT's bAd, mAdE iN 10 mInuTes.

Dude... this is genuinely cool...

Very cool, keep this up!

Download button looking...


Great job. Keep up with this!

i can never forget those, eyes eyes eyes, eyes eyes eyes


I can never forget those eyes eyes eyes

total shock fills your body

hope to find some diamonds tonight night night diamonds tonight

side side to side

Hi Gary! It has been some time since we didn't "text" each other.

I have a little idea for a game.

If you are interested, please reply this comment.

This game is AWESOME! It's so funny! i am trying to buy my first turret!


I too :D

Me too :

Do you use Blueprint or C++?

Now i am playing the game. it's great!

Nice update!

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i am downloading it... i think is nice

i will publish a game in almost 3 days

it's a 0$ or donate, so you can download it.

I am following you on itch

I use Unreal Engine 4 too. Is a nice program!