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Dude, holy shit. I just saw your playthrough of our game. Thanks man! I'm just so happy that you gave it an honest try! Thanks man! :D

Don't step on the pink platforms.

Do step on the blue ones, they boost you.

White ones are neutral!

You need to climb to the top of the tower!

On the side of the screen you have progress bars :)

Where are you stuck?

The Tower game isn't endless!
It has on both sides bars that show you your progress :)

Sadly we made the game a too hard, since we are sure that certainly 50% of the game haven't been found yet!
Thanks for playing it! :)

Thanks man, we greatly appreciate your post!

It was a big project to be made in just two weeks, but we tried our best! :)
More directions indeed would've been a good idea.

How far did you get?

Oh, there is quite some!

Sadly we currently know about 50% of it hasn't been found yet :(

Otherwise - the game isn't as finely tuned as we'd like it to be.

But I still hope you liked it!

Thanks for trying our game!

Each page that has proper instructions needs to be input correctly. Before inputting anything new you need to press R. The percentage to the left of the screen shows your progress!

Thanks man!
We're sorry that the jumping was hard for you.

Which ending did you reach?

We're glad you like it! 

Keep exploring :P

Thank you! :)

Do you mean the page with the serial number

It looks very polished, but the first level where you are supposed to 'kill' the squares, I don't know how to progress since I can't do anything except for walking!

The Sound design of the game is very nice, the typing noises are very satisfying!

The only thing I think should be changed is the energy loss during the day, it is a bit much.

But all together it is a nice little game!

Got it straight from Xavier himself, they are allowed!

Since our game is rather complex, we aren't sure if all the bugs are gone.

So are we allowed to fix bugs?

Nice little game :)

Wow, i am really impressed!

This game is nicely put together, it's got good graphics, good level design and a nice story!

Good job! :D

Very cool idea!

At first I though that it was not really clear where the mines are, but after a bit it is actually really fun! :D

Good presentation, the background looks cool, and it does what it set out to do.

One thing though, the camera is a little slow. Otherwise it's good! :)