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Thank you for playing. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Life is busy!

I believe that crashes in the battle system are stemming from an in development EXE being used to run the game. A shame but it is what it is. I'm glad you enjoyed the gameplay overall however. That is my main focus, so to know I did well in that regard is heartening. I will strive to continue improving on it.

Story-wise, I feel my hands were tied on art and time, but I do acknowledge that it's the weakest part. I have plans for things to get more exciting, of course, I just need to get there. But I'll also be thinking about how to improve the beginning.

Thanks for your feedback. I'll be taking everything into account to apply improvements when I resume on it.

Thank you!

These issues have been fixed for a while now. I just didn't have a chance to reupload before the contest deadline. Thank you for pointing them out however!

As for Link Attacks, this will be solved by having a party of 4 instead of 3. So that's two Link pairs. 

I do want to display enemy buffs and debuffs as well, believe me. I just haven't managed to find something that works with my setup yet. But I will certainly keep trying. Something like that will be added down the line.

As for the plot, yes, there will be more time taken for introductions in later versions. This prototype had to be truncated for the sake of the contest. It's easily the weakest part of the game right now. But it is my intention to improve that.

Regarding Gunnar and his guns... there's a very good reason for why he's not using guns in New Theory, when he does in Desire. But I'll refrain from explaining too deeply for spoiler reasons.

Thank you for playing!

The gameplay systems were upgraded in terms of interface(HD resolution mainly) and mechanical improvements in the one month time period. I also drew the character art, made the battlers, and the menu interfaces in that time. Along with actually putting the game together, of course. I followed a strict schedule every week to get it all done.

The story being rather inconsequential is sadly true. I'm lacking an intro and greater context due to time constraints. But I hope to clear that up in the future.

As for the battles, yes, EX Recover is the only skill that can heal substantially beyond defending. The key is to manage your EX gain and choose to heal and attack as the situation calls for. Also, Link Attacks give the attacking partner a boost of EX, so that also helps as well.

It's my plan to have the tutorials be reference-able about after the section you would have finished, so I hope that helps in the future.

Either way, I appreciate the time taken to offer this feedback, I'll keep it in mind for further down the line!

Ooooh. Okay.

Well, I can't speak about anything specific or definitive, but we're always thinking about future endeavors and how to proceed forward.

I didn't set it to Windows, which is why it didn't show up in the app. 

It's fixed now.

Might I ask what exactly you mean by this?

Hello! Thank you for playing the demo.

I've addressed most of these in the final build, which will be releasing tomorrow, but to answer...

1.) This is actually already said in the tutorial. But in the full version, players will be able to check on tutorial information again to refresh themselves. 

2 & 3.) These are good points, and I've made the appropriate edits to make things more visible/logical.

4.) Information on dialogue features are in the tutorial library in the full game, and I've added a reminder near the beginning about it as well.

5.) Like 1, this is also said in the tutorial. But it's possible to check it again, but going to the tutorial library in the full game.

...And that's it. Thank you for the feedback. It's very valuable, as no game is created perfect. Especially not ours. But I hope that people will have fun with it anyhow. 

See you tomorrow!

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Hello. I've darkened the background a bit. Hope that helps. 

And thank you for your interest!