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Hello! Thank you for playing the demo.

I've addressed most of these in the final build, which will be releasing tomorrow, but to answer...

1.) This is actually already said in the tutorial. But in the full version, players will be able to check on tutorial information again to refresh themselves. 

2 & 3.) These are good points, and I've made the appropriate edits to make things more visible/logical.

4.) Information on dialogue features are in the tutorial library in the full game, and I've added a reminder near the beginning about it as well.

5.) Like 1, this is also said in the tutorial. But it's possible to check it again, but going to the tutorial library in the full game.

...And that's it. Thank you for the feedback. It's very valuable, as no game is created perfect. Especially not ours. But I hope that people will have fun with it anyhow. 

See you tomorrow!