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The precision of the jumps is, imo what makes it. You can knock up a remake of any game, but if you do manic miner it has to act and feel the same as the original spectrum version or it just doesn't feel right. That's why a simple platform game like this took months to write instead of just weeks. As for a level select/skip, I will look into it (could really have done with it during testing !). As for modded levels, again, something Ill look into at some point (as they are hardcoded in a weird format to cut down on tokens). For now tho, it works and im happy.

Thank you for spotting that. I did think I had it covered early on in dev, but I must have deleted the conveyor sprite at some point (using old  resources probably). I've fixed it now and Ill upload an update soon.

Hi, I can see what's happened here. Of the numerous testers I've had playing this, not one of them mentioned it. I've used white pegs for correct position/colour and black for just correct colour, whereas the original game is the other way round. My apologies for this, but like I said, not one of my testers told me this was wrong. I shall be having harsh words with them. Also, just so you know, I've been coding games in various languages thought-out the years starting way back in 1978 in assembler. But I guess we can all make mistakes.

Hi, sorry I don;t follow. If the answer is Grey Yellow Grey Black, then the code then the code works. Did you finish the game to see what the code was ?

Hi, thanks for posting. Can you tell me what went wrong ? 

Hi, thanks for the comments. At the moment they are exclusive to, but rest assured, after Christmas I will post them to Lexaloffle :)

I was never much cop at Asteroids as a kid, and I appear not to have improved with age :( Nice game tho. Wish there was more real estate to fly around in tho. It feels very cramped. A bigger screen would make no end of difference. And full screen too (I likes big screens :) ) Not sure what the lines where that kept appearing, nor how to invoke them. Overall tho, as a remake of a classic its not bad, with plenty of potential (loved how shooting repeatedly on the side of a rock spun it faster. nice use of physics there)

Ouch. My eyes :( The screen just kept flashing white and black and every now and again I got a glimpse of the maze. I assume this is not meant to happen like this. what I could see looked nice, but sadly unplayable for me ;(

Oooh, I did like this one. The Graphics look nice and cartoony. The gameplay gave my wrist a pain tho so its means I played it for long enough. Never played the original but Ive played plenty of NES/Master system games in the past to know how they playout and this is spot on. A really nice remake, and with a bit of extra timne (two weeks is not nearly enough time) this could have been really  REALLY good. Well done :)

Nice remake. Love the fuzzy screen effect. Would have liked to have seen more in the way of updating the graphics (fancy bat, various ball designs (football, tennis ball, fire ball etc) and perhaps some particle effects thrown in too .

Did get stuck in the infinite back-n-forth ball tho. Neither I nor the computer would budge so I was sat there for ever, maybe adding a bit of "nudge" on player 2's bat would avoid this.

And couldn't play online (as I have no friends ... well, none in the real world).

OK, tried the game and all I got was a blue screen that faded to a darker blue screen. This fades to a green screen then a grey screen. Nothing else Im afraid. Nice tune plays tho .... is it Scott Joplin by any chance ? I'm on Windows 7 as well if that helps.

Sadly I cant play this game as it runs at 2FPS (This must be down to my graphics card as Ive seen this happen on a few games in the Jam now). Looks nice tho :)

Its a shame it didn't run, that video looks like it could have been fun. I've just uninstalled all my drivers for my graphic card and reinstalled them so I`ll give it another go, see if that helps.

Like the graphics (style) in this game. They fit the game well. Is this game meant to be for 2 player as the opposite side didn't seem to be doing anything and I won each time I played. And once I had won the game just went straight back to my desktop ;( A few spot effects would also have been nice. Overall it could be a really nice take on the Tetris / Columns / Match3 genre :)

Sadly I was unable to play this game. Once started it took 5 minutes to get to the play area and then it jerked at a rate of 1 frame every 3 seconds. A popup did eventually appear saying low FPS detected and I managed to eventually change from high setting to low, but even that wouldn`t allow me to play it. Shame, its probally a nice idea and nice game, I just couldn`t play it. Nice music tho.

Sadly there is no single player option so I had to play against myself which was no fun :( Once both players die nothing happens just a static screen so I couldn't progress. The graphics were also very minimal and basic :( Still, a game like this holds lots of potential (multi player springs to mind :) )