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Hey Dobsy, thank you for sharing. You have been featured in our newsletter of March 💌👏.
Can you answer the survey to help us improve the game? 🙏
We already added the walking on any surface system! Vermin are no longer restricted to the floor 😉

Hey Ewaldt, thanks for playing! Can you share your feelings about the game please 😀

Looking for a VR game to play? You've definitely got to test Vermin Exterminator!

As an exterminator agent, seek en destroy the vermins with your high tech gauntlet, before they ruin the house! Earn new weapons as you face new pests. Lets go 🔥

We support all SteamVR headsets or native Oculus.

Magnificient world, amazing sound design, great UI and controls. Really enjoyed it!

Hilarious, especially the intro. What happened at doom's day was welcome. Little comfort issues:  1) hard to aim because the character is ahead of the target point 2) to have to click infinitely gives pain in the fingers!

Game with fun mechanics, especially the grapin or rolling system. The graphics and music are beautiful too.
The voice volume is a little too low (and SFX little too high). I could'nt recenter in game (had to restart to be in front of buttons). It misses a more driven/objective-oriented story, and the relation with the theme is not obvious.

I had fun playing this game ! It feels like Doom


We've just released Vermin Exterminator : a shooter VR game in which you have to seek and destroy the vermins before they ruin the client's house!  Let the power flow out of you hands thanks to your high tech gauntlet. Unlock new weapons as you face new kind of vermins.

Face you Fears. Get Badass.

Check it out

See the game in action with the trailer :

Tell us what you think ! The game was made during a one month challenge, so other games will follow. So subscribe to not miss any ;-)  

Cheers from Mineo Games

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Dung Beetle

Hi everybody,

We have just released our first game Dung Beetle on!

In this 3D game made with Unreal Engine 4, you play as a Dung Beetle who want to bring food to

home. You will have to control your dung ball while avoiding the nature obstacles!

Will you be able to finish the game ? PLAY HERE

Discover the game with a musical clip :

Follow us on Twitter , Facebook and to not miss the future games :)