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Thanks, fyi the turret things can be picked up instantly by hitting them with a pickaxe

Cool particles when using the flame thrower, also really liked your sound design, it's a bit too bad that the 64x64 pixels limits the gameplay a bit making it hard to see where you're going. 

I played it on my Steam Deck till the end plus a bit more on a new game, I enjoyed the opening text screens very much and the wind rustling in almost complete darkness as you start sets a great mood but I really had a tough time initially parsing and understanding what the hud elements meant and how to progress forwards. Once I got the gist of the game and its resource management down I enjoyed my stay in your game quite a lot.

All things considered it’s a really beautiful game graphically speaking and the audio as well as music are really atmospheric and match up with the gameplay exquisitely. However the gameplay itself felt a bit unintuitive for me personally and is perhaps limited by the nature of the jam. A short explanation of resources and such on the itch page might help a bit.

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Loved that starting cutscene, the gameplay is a bit monotonous and as someone else mentioned it's possible to basically skip enemies due to the lack of reward.

I should say that the attacks are cool to watch and look good and the music also fits well.

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Not particularly fit to the jam

Doesn't seem to be available for MacOS

Doesn't seem to be a game to download, would love to rate if you fixed it

I was using Firefox, and I made sure that audio worked on my game in the same browser (which it did), I’ve got many many extensions a bit too many to name

I discovered that it doesn’t work because you can select the hot bar items below

Really nice.

The sound design and menu transitions are great and work well together.

Had a little bug where the buy button wouldn't press near the start of the game for the potato, but it somehow fixed itself.

Thank you

I feel like good music/audio and maybe a high score screen would really improve the experience

Pretty cool, music and art really feels like a retro game. Loved the opening title screen text.

Music doesn't seem to be working

It's an interesting game, but it'd be nice to have slightly better instructions, I couldn't really progress further than being able to shoot/emit the blue stuff.

Cool atmosphere