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mine a bear YT

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thank man i would love to look at it

oh hey, I have a small request do you think you can send me a copy of the source code because I would like to look at the game. if you don't mind

I thought so. That is the game engine that I use for make my games. 

three things: One very cool game. Two I ask another contestant this question. why did you choose pygame for an engine? Three I was able to mess with the game and just went into the right-down corner and did not die.

all in all very good game.

quick question. what engine did you use, I'm curious.

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thanks, man.

I was able to get out of bounds by falling from a large height. but still a cool game

this is a very good little game and no it did not crash, so you can relax. have a good day

this is a very interesting and unique game. why did you use pygame, Im curious?

thanks for the feedback but this is because I was low on time as most game jams are. but thanks anyway

thank you for the feedback i will keep this in mind

that's not really a good way to get rating for a game but fine

the updated version is actually a bug fix version to fix a single big bug i will let you know when I give you the 100% fixed one is ready

thanks, man yes I have been patching up some bugs in an updated version.  Minecraft is actually one of my favorite games though it looks like I did not take inspiration from that game, I take inspiration from old Zelda games. and finally, I will let you and the rest of the other people who played my game /asset showoff know when I have fixed the bugs. i glad that people are enjoying my little idea. thank you and I hope you have a good day.

that's fine im working on a more improved version I just had to stop at that point to meet the deadline.

thanks for the feedback man but can you describe what a little stuck means.

it's ok my game is a bit more buggy

yea, you are correct that is not what I wanted it to do, but I have been working on it even after the game jam voting began. and it works how it should now and I will update soon I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of it. here is what looks like at the moment

ok thanks man I'll give it a look tomorrow

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if I am correct that tune, in the beginning, is underclocked right. i can't get out of Dec 20th log because the exit out of log is the same as the exit of game screen

glad to hear

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jagger from what it looks like it's a nice game. but I can't understand what they are saying. it feels unfair to vote a game with that problem.

I so far have rated this game the highest because of its impressive quality. I love the 8-bit art (but that is just my opinion). note: the objects that are scrap are layer improperly. but other than that very great.

not much to say but it's a great game. good job

it was a very decent game, but as must game jam entries are it is very buggy. I only played it two times but I got a good sense of the game. First, there should be an instruction menu, say for beginning players, but that's just a nitpick. I like the music. It fits the atmosphere well. the ending was a bit weird how the blackened wall was a bit sudden which is a bit fair because it's a horror-like game. but overall it's a very good game. I also like how it looks like my own game. I hope you continue to make more games if you wish. good luck. 👌😁👍

A short but simple interesting little game, with an abstract feel, I give it a thumbs up, keep up the good work.