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That was...meaningless. No idea what the point is, honestly, especially when the instructions barely tell you anything. I KNOW what the goal is, but it didn't happen (in any apparent manner) within the time my limited patience could muster to play with it.

She's cute because the plot demands it! (And because subversive humor is the best kind) Cute dragons are underrated, and we need more of them.

No pun intended, but the difficulty curve is pretty much what kills my enjoyment. Not to say it's a bad game; on the contrary, if it wasn't for having to have lightning-fast reaction time (and nerves of steel, so I don't panic and tap X when I mean to hit Z, or vice versa), I'd have loved it.

Understood. In that case, please forget I suggested it; better not to stress yourself over something that would, as you've mentioned, have a more limited use for how much effort it would take to use it.

A pity that you can't have them all, but after all, being a dragon irl *is* discouraged in the disclaimer! Hoarding is a common trait of theirs, so that tracks. Better than adding to the devs' workload, too; they're already plenty busy.

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Agreed. Played it (the demo) in the past, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Do you walk into a candy store, lick what they have on display, and then boycott them? That's what this comment comes off as.

I mean, you could create one just for games you want to keep on the DL, discreetly? Not perfect, but given the options, it's at least a good one.

That was brilliant. Sometimes, you need to let in all the emotions you think have disappeared, lost their color, and be overtaken by them, in order to protect what matters most. Who cares what they think, if they are wrong? From the depths of darkness, ascend to the light.

I'd love to say it was an enjoyable counseling session, but I'd be lying; that's a terrible way to establish a rapport, after all. It's not for me, and there's too much dead air, pardon the pun.


Frustrating...but clever. And good choice of names; the game itself is rather melancholy, if I'm reading into it correctly—pun fully intended. Darkness is always welcome, and always will be, with me.

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I have to agree with Tutorial; they should really add more options, more variety, when they get around to completing this game. It'd be a lot more interesting, and I'd be able to immerse myself better if they did. After all, it was kinda limited, and I wasn't able to follow the route I wanted to—

Please note: The above is intended as a joke, though I did think it was kind of sweet for Tutorial to be that devoted to her job. Very well done; I was a little miffed at first (since I hate when the screen shakes, in general), but got more used to things as I went along, and caught on to how it was going to go. Interesting concept, and well played! I didn't expect that ending, to avoid spoiling it, but it was a good way of handling things. Self-aware games (Visual Novels, especially) are quite the tricky subject, and you handled this one well.

Anyone who can handle the seventh puzzle and beyond without stressing, kudos to you. I quit on the eight, realizing that I'd be a masochist to continue. The addition of the timed mechanisms to already-difficult puzzles made it all but impossible. That, and the annoyance (I don't get grossed out easily) of the characters screaming and being sawed in half didn't help matters...

*That* was an interesting adventure. Sometimes, you have to take a chance on the unknown, in order to find out what's keeping you "in the dark"

I think I got stuck in a "Bad End" loop; I solved the puzzle, though (with a bit of help from all my experience playing Jumble) even if it wasn't much use in the end. That's not to say I didn't enjoy myself; it was an interesting story, and one I'll have to look up the Good Ends for at some point.

Two bits of advice: Each mouse button sends amoebas to the respective side (they're not all sent to one, as I'd originally believed); and if you can, use an actual mouse, not a mousepad, since they're a lot more limited and take a lot more mental/digital (finger) dexterity to handle for this quick of a game.

Nothing is explained clearly. The character moves slowly, in a seeming abyss; the expanse just makes it more apparent how bleak things are. The one NPC I met was incomprehensible, because the key that I was supposed to press to open my inventory did nothing...if I was even pressing the right one. I have no idea, because I couldn't see it clearly; I couldn't make heads or tails of whether that was a J, an L, whatever. And then I got stuck talking to them again.

Poor controls, no apparent direction, no way of telling what's what.

*Deep inhale* Ah, I love the smell of coffee. I've just been overcome with an overwhelming urge for some Hazelnut seasoning, too. I have to try it out, but if the sampling goes well, I'll be sure to keep tabs on the development of the..."flavors" on offer.

I...honestly felt kinda sorry for—oh, right, spoilers. But imagining that happening? Why not do "the right thing" and just share your love with others? ;) (Hinting, hopefully without giving too much away) Loved the game, and wonder what would happen if things *had* happened differently.

The options were a bit limited, for conversation, but playing your cards right will guarantee a *very* nice dinner, indeed, with a pleasant hostess. Beautiful work—and I do mean that, in the sense of aesthetics—on both Keya and Lady Umbra alike. If it ever got expanded-upon, I would love to have a bit more freedom in the flow of things, where it comes to dialogue options. Sorry, I know I'm making suggestions/requests on a project that's freely available; it's horribly rude of me (as a guest in your domain) to do so. Please, forgive my rash behavior, moving forward.

You may need to wait another day or two. And in order to sleep, it has to be night time; use the little arrow in the bottom-right to change the time of day, and then go right to bed. That'll do it. (Just make sure you've had your "fun" in the breeding pen for the day beforehand, or you'll waste what energy you have left)

Ironically, I actually *want* to offer patronage, hearing this...and when I'm able to, I plan to do just that. Once my feet are on terra firma, it's a certainty. Thank you for keeping us up to date (especially since I haven't seen the Patreon post).

I heartily disagree, personally. And even so, paying for quality is a matter of respect; showing the dev some love and getting rewarded for it? What a quaint and novel concept. Making it free-to-play *at all* is kind of a big risk, all things considered. But that's just my 2¢. Make of it what you will.

Popular, and exceedingly easy to reference. Just make sure not to run into any "friendliness pellets" distributed by random monsters; none of us know where those things have been, and I don't trust them. Something seems a bit off...

Correct. Why would anyone not?

The only thing I can think of is to report them, and select the appropriate option. Adding a comment that explains what they're doing helps, I'm sure; when someone reviews it, they'll be able to home in on the problem more efficiently, rather than sifting through chaff. Unfortunately, some people will do whatever they can—going to any length—just to get their way.

I'm with kiss—complaining about something not being available is immature. If you support the development, then you can *politely request* something. Depending on the dev, they might be more or less open to your suggestion. Otherwise, you're just being rude, and not doing anything to help the process.

Guys, quit asking for updates. The dev will give us a heads-up when it's time. Besides, it's not like this is the only project on the docket—pretty ambitious, I have to say—and there's plenty to be done on all of the games in-the-works. Patience is key. The wait will make the weight worthwhile, right? (Or vice versa, perhaps)

I remember playing this when it came It's only been a year or two, I think(?), but the challenge of beating the second version stuck with me...and so did the satisfaction of 'defeating' Emilia. Smug as she was, milady ought to be served duly, methinks.

Uh. Try really, *really* hard. (It's doable—trust me, I'm not the best at this sort of game, but I managed to do it somehow) The actual gameplay is almost as demanding as Emilia herself...

Funny attention-to-detail bit, but Flamma's horns more closely resemble those of an Eastern dragon than a classical quadruped (like the ones from Medieval accounts); they're almost antler-like. Her name appears to mean "Free" (as in, unbound, not restricted) and "Fire", if I'm reading that correctly.

Getting to know her, though, took little more than sympathy and goodwill for a total stranger. Vael knew nothing about her, save that she was wounded by another (human) passerby.

On a less-serious note: My options, regarding the formation of this *binding magical contract with a powerful, otherworldly being* are..."Yes" and "Yes". (Not that I'd argue, given I began playing it for an obvious reason)

Please stop replying unless you have something constructive to share. Hypnosis is effectively suggestion—it's more effective on those who believe it has an effect, and less on those who don't, to simplify things. If they're here, playing the game, chances are they're intrigued (likely inclined to treat it as real) or cynical (potentially susceptible, despite doubting it). That's all.

Thank you.

Mhm. Someone mentioned, and I pretty much facepalmed. The shape of her hair makes the allusion a little more prominent. I always like learning more about characters I'm fond of; it's an old hobby, of sorts.

Ah, thank you. The first few (Mary, Crowven, and Twyla) I figured out—though in Mary's case, only because someone pointed out the pun in her name. Given Reginald's surname, I can see Pufferfish (Tetra, as a play on "Tetrodotoxin"). Vasilis is still a mystery to me, even so. But that does nothing to diminish my appreciation!

It saddens me to see the reality mixed into the fiction. Understanding is the first step; second, acceptance. Instead of just casting someone out because they "don't belong"...maybe try to see what they do, hear their hearts' aches. If the person being persecuted doesn't belong, how does the persecutor?

Kind of jerk move, which cracked me up to no end. It makes sense. Alex's notes say never to listen to one, since bad things are bound to happen. Unfortunately, she never found out specifically *what* bad things! XD

Beautiful. I favor Violets, personally, but that being said: This is beautiful, tragic, heart-rending. I was waiting for them to kiss—but I suppose they may simply be friends, just ones with more in common than either would lead you to believe. Nihilism is one of my oldest companions, and we have a long-standing love-hate relationship, so this strikes a chord or two. Mellifluous and melodious, of course, but never quite so 'pure' as the emotions distilled by a White Rose. I've pierced others with verbal Gladioli, sadly, and received in kind, yet I know there's room to heal. Perhaps we'll each seek a balm (Aloe, anyone?) and grow stronger, branching out or setting down roots.

Sorry for mingling so many puns in there; hard habit to break, especially when you're as *entangled* as I am in them. Wishing you well, along with anyone else who's seen the bleakest side of life. Vegging isn't as fun when it's not voluntary.

Sorry for the previous comment (Nerves ate at me when I tried to play the first time). I was a little jittery at the idea of even a fictional character being permanently hurt by my actions.

I ended up (having the perspective, seeing what Arle was about to do) caving. Better safe than sorry, and she was serious—something that's hard to tell, unless you really get to know someone. I love the inspiration for her name, on a lighter note. (Fellow gamer? Awesome!) If it were possible to see the outcome, and to decide based on that, the world would be so much easier...but so much less rewarding as well, one supposes.