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The Shining Trivia

Answer 50 questions correctly without giving 3 incorrect answers and you win!

Game currently has 65 potential questions about all forms of The Shining (except for 'Dr. Sleep'). More questions may be included later.

Developer site here.

FB here.

The Shining Trivia

Play in browser (desktop, mobile and tablet). Currently has 65 potential questions about all releases of The Shining (except for 'Dr. Sleep'). Answer 50 without getting 3 wrong and you WIN!

Safari functions perfectly except no sound. Firefox and Chrome have sound but the text is a bit misaligned. Not sure yet why.

Developed by Brian Damage

Dev site  here

Facebook here

Hey guys, have a go at a  free game I made. Chrome and Firefox browsers recommended.

Download version for Mac OS, iPad and iPhone available HERE 

I am curious what made you think you beat the game. Was there something in particular that happen that made you think that or did you assume it was  a demo version, maybe?

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No man there's more levels after! That's just the 1st one but you didn't beat it lol. You have to get the key, unlock the corpse lady, then find Tony and lastly, run to the exit. The sub maze you are porting to is a maze that activates if you stand still for too long or fail to unlock the corpse lady quickly enough. The "Shine" feature activates Dick Hollaranne and if he contacts an enemy it will temporarily freeze giving you some escape time. Great play through tho. TY for supporting : )

Cracked me up so bad lol "Get the keeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!"  Once the player learns to use the Shine feature at the right times and figures out the enemy AI a little bit it's not as difficult, but I may tune down the difficulty.

You guys are hilarious! Subbed ; )

The Shining; Hedge Maze Escape

Game is complete and polished. Play FREE from browser! (use CHROME or FIREFOX browsers) Donations welcome : )

Love to see some play through action. Feedback welcome. Post to the game page and my business FB page HERE

Escape hedge mazes filled with terrifying surprises in one of the most intense and challenging jump scare games of the year!

The MAC version of the game is being offered here on exclusively with option to not donate HERE

Post a review/playthrough/reaction video to this page and to the MGE FB page HERE 

First player to reveal the in-game Easter egg gets a coupon to download "Hotel Escape" for FREE when it is released!

iPhone and iPad versions available HERE

Thank you for your support and enjoy!

Puzzle/memory racer. Test it out.

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Hey guys here is another work in progress. Racer memory/puzzle type game that will be for all devices.

Hey guys here's a link to my 2D swimmer game,

There's a download file for MAC or a browser based version. I find FireFox works pretty well for the latter. 

Welcoming any constructive feedback.

- Brian 

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just couple ideas if you guys elaborate on this.. some wondering monsters in the forest would be fun to avoid. maybe when the main character actors are in danger the player can use stealth to avoid them. maybe player actor turns into a tree (which it sort of looks like). yeah the metal gear solid mechanic would work great ; ) maybe some of the wondering creatures could offer clues to help you find your friend or maybe some of them mislead and make you wonder into danger. would be cool if you could also look for foot prints to track down your friend. or if you have a level without snow then maybe player could use found objects to leave visual cues to the other player, etc..  and of course some kind of narrative to drive the relationship of the 2 main actors. would be interesting to utilize sound as a method of location as well. maybe one of the actors can whistle and the other player can hear what direction the sound is coming from. 

well done! pretty visual style. music is fitting. plays smooth and simple. going to play this with my daughter. she'll really enjoy this. i like how you basically took a key game mechanic from FPS but approached it in a gentle manner. hope your team expands upon this : )

looks interesting but i have no idea what i'm doing lol

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Uploaded downloadable game file for my 2D adventure game. Currently for MAC only. iPad and Kindle versions will be along soon. This has been a solo effort so many hours of work on this game. All feedback welcome.

Amazing work! Very inspiring. Wish it was avail for MAC!