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What I do not like about this game clone (in order of priority/importance):

1. Pixelated and incomplete gravity (smooth pieces falling and either The Sticky Method or The Cascade Method should be implemented -

2. Pixelated graphics (in 2018 really?)

3. Unity engine usage for such a simple game (about 32mb bloat)

4. Missing changeable music options

5. Menu controlling my a mouse only.

Searching by a tag does not work on this site: my game will not show up (yes, I scrolled all the way to the bottom), while I have assigned the tag I was looking by.

I have rights to express my opinions. Do you understand?  Now your feedback is very disgusting and unprofessional, judging someones work by left reactions.

Have you tried both?  I do not think should be a place for crap games.

Such a small & simple game takes 63 MB (!)

Can't be justified.


So what is the algorithm used the main page and how come, crap games climb on top??

What engine your game uses?

Yes, now it's on the page. It did not show up instantly though, only after a few days :/

Oh man! That's awful!

Scrolling trough the games page sorted by most recent entries first, I can't see my game, WHY?

Mine is much better

Is this what makes a new game NOT show up on the listing if you don't have a payment method and this overwhelming tax thing set upfront?