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Tom Wright

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Really enjoyed the level designs, especially the one towards the end that is nearly a repeat of an earlier level, but with a great twist.

If you're not on a QWERTY layout there are some alternative keybindings from PICO-8 which may be more comfortable.

Player 1 defaults: Cursors + ZX / NM / CV

The game might also be playable with a controller, although I have not tested whether that works in my browser. I've heard that the PICO-8 webplayer supports gamepads in new versions of Chrome though.

Anyway thanks for playing!

Maybe I should release my SUPER SECRET level skip cheat code 🙊

Really neat idea! I love how you can push around big enemies and smack the giant arrows out of the way. Really fun!

Fun game. I had to see it through to the end even though I had a hard time on that last level. I liked the art style, rocket bird is pretty cute!

I really liked the cartridge mechanic. It gives you an incentive to empty your ammo to get the cartridge powerup, but then once you use it you're forced to eat a bunch of enemies to reload before you can shoot again. It gives the game a nice rhythm.

I really dig the visual effect on the scent trail. I agree that the camera seems a little too close, it feels unfair when you lose because a dog came running from off camera. It's a very fun concept though and would be interesting to see developed into a full game.