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Hi, nice article!

To convert PNGs to GIFs I would recommend ImageMagick's convert or mogrify (which works with multiple files).

Neat fun game!

For the records it works very well in Linux + Wine ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

Definitely the game needs some moos :D

really nice! 

Thanks! I am still thinking about improving it, do you have any suggestions?

unfortunately I had to quit after the third day (I was using a break at work), I need to restart it, now I want to see all  the endings! :)

Finally I've had a chance to play this game for more than a couple of minutes and I have to say that I love every bit of it!

Great job!

p.s.I have two cats so I may be a bit biased :D

The game over scene is really funny!

Nice game, simple and clean :)

yep, the game is really not balanced, sometimes it is too hard sometimes (90%) is too easy; I need to fix a lot of things for this entry but only after the jam otherwise it would not be fair!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

@Sarge the numbers have a logic! even if it is not super clear :D

-2 to 0 = no plant so when the cow moves there it receives no "food"

1 to 2 = young plant, the cow will receive 1 food point

3 = full grown plant, the cow will receive 2 food points

4 = old plant, the cow will receive 1 food point, could probably change it to 0 to make the game a bit harder

also when a plant dies (after 4) it will become compost making the next plant to grow faster

I have to find a way to communicate this in a visual way, suggestion? :)

Hi Alex,

thanks for stopping by! :)

To be honest the gfx have been done by another person :)

I know that the game right now is too easy, I planned to add poisonous plants but it is now too late eheh will do in the next updates (out of the contest clearly); also another planned feature was the leader board but I guess the comments are good enough :)

p.s. I would also like to add multiplayer mode, I imagine it could be fun to steal other cow's flower ;)

Please have a look at the game page for instructions on how to play!

to make it short:

- move the cow with arrows, wasd or hjkl

- when the cow moves it spends one energy point (that number on top of the cow)

- if the cow lands to a tile with a plant it gives some energy to the cow

- every movement is equivalent to one day, increasing Days Alive counter

- there is no leaderboard and it is not possible to save