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A game I made years ago... I made it in 20 minutes so I could submit it to a game jam, haha

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So fucking good... I'm a sucker for non-traditional gameplay, and this hits a real sweetspot. It's differently structured to anything else I've ever played (almost seems like medical software (which I think is the point)), but still easy to comprehend. The writing's fantastic, the artwork's fantastic, the sound is atmospheric and great. Fuck yeah. Great work!

(Mystery Lime is a she) - I hope, one day, you will be able to get up to the boss...

I'm glad to hear someone feels the same way about the game that I do! Most people just find it sloppy (which it kind of is, haha). My development strategy was to tune it so that it was always fun for me to play, which leads to the learning curve being pretty steep. I still have fun with it whenever I play it, so I think it's got merit! Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it :~)

STATIC community · Created a new topic Growing Excitement

I'm excited to play this game! I was already interested with such atmospheric screenshots, but having become interested in modular synthesis, and having read a Haruki Murakami novel, I'm more excited than ever!

I have faith that STATIC will come out lovely. :~)

Oop! It's working now :~)

Uh, i can't write a description out...

Thank you. This was beautiful!

This is one of the best *space* games I've ever played. There's so much here, atmospherically. It's beautiful, and strange. I loved it! :~)

This game is so good!! thank you for making it


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i have heard about this game in nought hushed whispers..... jump

I'm glad you played! there is another peace to obtain, although, I'm not sure if i totally agree with it anymore. it is a hard one to find. i think only two have found it. thank you for playing my game

Mhm! For sure there is.
It's not relevant to the positions of the triangles at all, in case you were wondering.

Btw, mad respect for your games. They're great, and the rate at which you pump them out is ~WILD~!


The art style is lovely, and very unique! The gameplay is fine, but I think if you ran with this style in some different genres you could make something really special!

This is a really fantastic game. It's short, and quiet and a little rough around the edges - but that's part of it. Take a moment out of your day. put on some headphones, and play. I can't promise you'll love it, But I can promise that it'll make you think. 

I love this game.

I like these a lot! To some degree, they feel more like toys than games - and I've always thought games could learn a lot from toys. The ambiance in this one is very nice, but i'm disappointed because the obelisk wouldn't reply to "Yo, what it is, rock"

In they eye of the beholder

doth the meat was chomped

In the eye of the beholder

Juicy taste got glomped

Hey, where can I find the custom CSS Field?

Really cute and fun! Visuals are tight! I like the gameplay loop, but it get's kinda stale... Maybe take notes from steamworld Dig if you're going to expand on it.

A comedy walking sim I just released - Please play my video game...

Are you okay?

Super cute man.

eh, it's fine. There's not really any incentive to keep playing though... I would have appreciated a number to get to, or too many flies on screen causing you to lose the game. The Atari aesthetic is really nice though.

I enjoyed the game, and liked the music. but it doesn't have many customization options, and i would have appreciated more...