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you need to jump over them by hitting space

nope, the game is made in gamemaker studio 2. a mac port is definitely possible in the future, but it'll take some work

thanks for playing!


he's just really strong yeah, in most situations you should probably run from him

his name is chunks and yes, but it takes a while

he actually isn't invincible, hes just got a ton of health. he drops a good amount of money on death, too. i'll be releasing an update later tonight that should hopefully fix a lot of the crashes/freezes along with a few balancing changes n stuff!

i used gms2 to make it. if you can't play it for some reason, maybe try a different browser. there isn't a downloadable version up yet because i'm still working out some quirks with the windows version, but i'll try to finish it up soon :)

Me and my buddies spent a couple of months making this game specifically for Halloween, and with the day fast approaching we figured today was a better day to release it than ever! It's a three (technically four) level-long action roguelike inspired by Nuclear Throne, Monolith, and Binding of Isaac with over 20 different weapons and over 50 different items. Hope you enjoy it! Here's a little trailer to go with it:

I put an announcement on the page for Nonagon Infinity quite a while before removing the page that I was no longer working on the project and that it wouldn't be continued. Verbatim: "Development on this project has ended and it will not receive any updates in the future." This was posted at the top of the game's page for several months before deletion. Not only that, but its status on itch was also changed to "Canceled" at the same time. All of this information was displayed right on the game's page.

I even replied to your post on  Bonkers yesterday telling you the same thing, and then deleted your post shortly after because it wasn't relevant to Bonkers. I made an error in assuming that you'd still get my reply even after deleting your post, so I'll admit that was my mistake.

Regardless, if you have a question regarding a game, you should just message me on Twitter or Discord rather than the comment section of a completely unrelated project or post like you're doing right now -- you could've just checked the game's page for answers prior to deletion, also. And no, there was no cease and desist. I stopped working on the project by my own volition.

thanks so much for playing our game! had a bunch of fun watching you play it

yea, i'll put one up soon-ish (probably tomorrow)

we're always working, more stuffs coming soon :)

I'd be happy to have our game, Ridgewood Road, in this bundle :)

interact with stuff outside the house, everything should be clear once you find the right object.

but if you want a more straightforward answer, there's a garden gnome by the fence in the northeast section of the area, pretty close to where lisa's car is parked. interact with the garden gnome and you'll find a patch of dirt underneath it. to dig up the patch of dirt, you can find a shovel by the road pretty close to the mailbox and a few trees. pick up the shovel and interact with the patch of dirt, then you'll get a key to the house.

thanks! when i had this idea, i was thinking a little bit about old point and click cd rom games i used to play when i was probably about 5 years old, mostly pajama sam and stuff like that. i was also looking at stuff like 5 days a stranger and its sequels for a bit of inspiration, so that might've bled through.

thanks a bunch!

thank you so much, we were happy to participate :)

i drew my own two handmade fonts that the game switches between using every second or so

what happened exactly? did any errors pop up in firefox?

thanks for playing! i'm not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but i try my best with dialogue in our games. i appreciate all the critique i can get in that regard since i want to improve my scripts and dialogue.

you can skip the dialogue at the start of the game by holding down the escape key and you can speed through all the other dialogue just by holding space or enter.

the shadow appears in three set rooms throughout the game that are a bit scattered throughout the house. it will always stop chasing you if you reach the room the mirror in it.

the house becomes very dark after a certain point in the story and then they return to normal after another point, but other than that they don't change.

thank you so much!

i just patched that out, try again :)

thank you!

thank you!

to make stuff appear 3d like the walls and that one enemy towards the end of the game, i just stacked many sprites on top of eachother and offset their y values to make them appear 3d. to make sprites like the ones for the player and enemy, i just made the orientation of their sprites correspond to the orientation of the camera, which is called billboarding.

finally somebody gets what it means to be chumbo. thank you for playing through my experience.


thanks for the notice. i honestly have no idea why it'd do that.

that's really strange and i can't think of any reason why it's doing that. has it detected any other games you've downloaded from here as malware or anything like that?

it is

finally somebody gets it

It's crazy to me that people on the other side of our globe are enjoying our game, thank you so much for playing.

Thanks for sharing your gameplay with us!

Working on patching it, thanks for pointing it out.

There's gonna be much more where that came from in the full release. Thanks for your support.

I love watching people play our games, thanks for the vid :)

Thank you!

Thank you, I finally have some time to get around to replying to most of these comments so I'll try to address most of your criticisms. I am probably going to add some visual adjustments to each enemy in the first level depending on the environment. I'm also gonna add some small season-unique details, like pumpkins appearing in the Autumn alt of the first level, snowmen appearing in the Winter alt, etc.

As for the contrast between the UI elements and the actual game, I wanted to keep the UI a higher resolution mostly for legibility's sake, but I'll try to think of something to make the appearance of the UI elements mesh better with the gameplay.

I'm considering changing the default controls to something like left/right/space/Z or something like that because it seems like a lot less people are familiar with using Z and X as default controls than I thought. I'll definitely add in a proper tutorial for the full release, though.

The camera is an issue I'm not too certain about how to fix yet. I think being able to move upwards would definitely add a lot to the game, but at the same time I wanted to allow downward movement exclusively in order to make the player consider whether to continue moving onwards or stick around in the current area to pick up any remaining collectibles, but ultimately I think the freedom of moving upwards is more important than that. I'll probably allow moving back upwards in the full release, but I want to add some force to the game to encourage the player to keep moving down and not stick around in their current location for too long. Maybe a timer or something, I dunno. I'll have to think about it more.

Finally, changing the key rebinding method should be pretty easy and it's something I'll make sure to fix. Thanks for all of your critiques, I agree with pretty much all of them looking back on this demo and I'll start working on fixing them for the final release ASAP.