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thank you! i will definitely make sure to check out the vod in a bit


huh. that's weird. i'll see if i can do something to patch that out later.

what are the problems? i can try to patch them out

nice game! it's pretty fun for what it is, but i think you should be able to change which direction you're going to charge in while holding down any of the arrow keys. right now, if i hold the left arrow key and then push down the right arrow key and let go out of the left arrow key, i'll charge to the left. i feel like that should change my direction so i can charge to the right. besides that, i like this!

cool concept! some parts of this were a little bit too tough for me, but i liked it.

thanks, i was mainly inspired by games like environmental station alpha and monolith, but i was absolutely going for a celeste vibe in the ice area.

thanks so much for playing our game! i'll admit that it's pretty hard (probably harder than i intended), but i'm glad you gave it a chance.

i appreciate this game's simplicity. it's fun while avoiding complexity, even if there isn't that much content. good game.

i dunno. the rules said meta sprites were allowed so i just went with it.

close -- rather than being a single 8x8 part rotated a few times to form a larger image, i made many 8x8 sprites and then basically stitched them together through a script i made to give the impression that they're greater than 8x8. ("metasprite") thank you for your kind words!

I've completed levels 2 and 3. I'm working on polishing them for now. Whenever I'm done with that, there'll be a new demo :)

Still working on level 3 :)

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Hey, thanks for the offer and kind words! I'd love to take you up on that offer, but I already have another friend working on a chiptune rendition of the songs from Nonagon Infinity. Again, thank you for the offer <3

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I plan on releasing level 2 and 3 in the next demo. The next time there's a demo, it'll feature the first (which has now been balanced for difficulty), second, and third levels. I have level 2 done, but it might be a bit before I finish level 3 -- so whenever I polish levels 2 and 3 to a point I deem good, I'll release level 2 and 3, which might be a while.

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you can find me on the king gizzard discord, where my name is moo

i'll take your suggestions into consideration. can you share the youtube upload with me whenever you have it ready? thanks!