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Really nice game :)

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I liked the concept of mashing a board game with lunar lander.  My only real recommendation would be to add some visual feedback if the player was going down too quickly.  I had a hard time gaging whether or not my piece had landed safely or not.

I really liked this tech demo, it could definitely evolve into a solid game.

I appreciate the work that seems to have been put into the game, but the mechanics need some tweaking.  The platforming feels too slippery and the wall jump unnatural.  But the biggest problem is definitely the speed in which the screen goes up which leaves very little room for error.

However the audio was really good, definitely set the tone well.

When I run the game the levels are all hyperlinked to blank html pages with the text "click to cube so that it doesn't fall" but there isn't any cube visible?

Bom trabalho!

This is actually super awesome.  This blows any other regex tutorial out of the water!

The only major thing in terms of difficulty was the lack of checkpoints and I think the ghost spawns too close to the player in the first level.  Besides that it felt relatively balanced.

I really enjoyed this game.  I love how it fits as a mesh of Asteroid/Pac-Man/Bomber Man with all the mechanics feeling like they had purpose.  Also loved the music, it really helped to set the atmosphere.

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I enjoyed the cut-scenes and music you had, they were very nice.