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Thank you for playing! It's not that easy to convey food readiness in pixel art, so generally uncooked is yellowish/pink, while cooked is brown. Wires need to be connected to the tops of microwaves.


Really fun, letting the demon out for half a second to regain some stamina is exciting.

Thank you for playing! I didn't want to be too harsh and fail you if time runs out, so you can still finish if you go overtime. It just acts as your score.  The intended way is to use at least 2 microwaves at once, you can't really make it in time with less.

Thank you for playing! The cooking times are actually all randomized between 3 and 6 seconds, I always felt like the hotdog cooks fastest. Good that such a slight change brings variety.


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yeah it's not like it's a long game, I just wasn't feeling like reading haha

Still left you a pretty high score on the things that were scorable, i.e. not art or sound

Doesn't have much of a goal, but at least it looks nice

Really like the gameplay, and the seamless scaling, I didn't even notice before I was a big ball! Well communicated goal from the start, and a cozy ending.

Pretty nice, got a fast pace, and a pleasent old camera graphics feel

Unfortunely I don't have enough patience to play the game, but i found that I can manipulate the text show, so i had fun, 10/10.

everyone got 3000 lmao

Great game, fun music, I'll be disappointed if it doesn't rank high.

Your score is bugged and always shows 3000 btw

Really fun once i understood what to do!

Nice work with the game getting more creepy with every mistake. I wasn't able to finish it, as it gets pretty much impossible after getting 50 insanity, and there were moments where i just didn't know where to go, Would be nice if insanity didn't rise from just walking, or if campfires lowered insanity gradually.

Browser doesn't run for me :(

Thanks! It's really dark there

a lot of reading, so not many people will play and rate high

pretty fun to reflect the balls

The tea room was a lie

Thank you for playing!


Thank you!

Thanks! Everyone who did the art is credited, only two enemies were not made during the jam.

Thanks for your comment! You seem to be stuck on a mechanic called "pogo", the tutorial explaining it might be a bit unclear, sorry for that. It works by attacking, while you're over spikes or enemies, which gives you a big vertical boost, and helps clear ledges, that would normally be too high. We hope you would like to try the game again with this knowledge!


Thanks! I've made most the art and level design, and your comment made me happy!

Kinda old version, sorry, up to date can be found here:




Thank you for playing!



I wouldn't want to work in a pixel editor like that haha

The true definition of unfair obstacles, paired up with clunky controls that aren't explained, and too high speed of everything

doesn't run at all

Pretty OK, but i've felt no need to reroll my stats or use the underwhelming shift attack

I did not have patience to go much longer, but here's my score