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A very high quality game! GJ!

Wow it's awesome concept! 

It's really fun and addictive, takes me a few tries to win it though.

Thanks for playing! I was going to make air combo attack, but i ran out of time so i just gave up jumping.

Cooool game! But i couldn't make it lol.

Funny game! You should make a highscore counting like how far did the palyer go, and a  moving "obstcle" hit the shoe and bounce back, maybe it's a bug but hilarious.

It's kinda like a souls-like game, reminds me of the time i played dark souls. Cool game.

It would be great if it's a rhythm game.

Mutiplayer concept is great, and some icons like weapon and star i can not pick up, is that a bug?

It's too hard for me

Agreed, and add some more cool effects like dashing in the air or something would be great!

Thanks for the reply, and yes, both checkboxs are ticked under account type. Game has screenshots and tags, maybe description is little bit short, but there must be something wrong with my profile i guess, just don't know what.