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A member registered Mar 17, 2020

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hmm i feel like i got softlocked when i got the grappling hook? i cant get fohh back up to the top to destroy the darker colored blocks

i really like the idea! 

Cute game Miranda! I never expected there to be chickens on the bridge! How silly. I beat it though! Nice job!

Nice job Miranda! I think it would be fun being on the moon, but a little scary too! You are awesome!

did you get this to work? i just downloaded it and cant get it to open

this is so lovely! the music is so great

This is a GREAT platformer! Very smooth, very fun. Thank you!

zombo lol


has this been updated? i found a new enemy i've never seen after hundreds of games.... some brown looking blob thing

yah! finally!  reallly really enjoyed this game! thank you so much. would love an endless mode. I'd pay real money to pick your own dice or maybe have a few different sets you can keep. really fun, thanks!

I just cannot get past floor 21 no matter how good of a run I am on. The difficulty jumps so much... Any tips? I have been cruising through with block pieces but I think I need to be able to one shot enemies after 21. It gets pretty frustrating since I am literally not taking any health damage all the way to 21 and then just get smacked.

Wow finally! 30 points with happy ending.  Got really lucky and had 2 capacity upgrades right away. Thanks, it was fun!

Okay thanks, that helps. It's still pretty difficult. I keep freezing while trying to menu into the campfire, I have yet to find food lol. It is freaky though and definitely gives a sense of desolation. I'll keep trying and see how far I can get.

How do you see how much health is left?

very pleasant game!

The mechanic is pretty interesting, i've never seen that before. It's fun to try to get right, but it kinda feels a bit powerless when you are swinging on one side and see an enemy coming too late! Some polish would be nice, maybe a few shields with space bar or something... Awesome job for your first jam!

really run!

this game is great. really fun and cute. the levels are beautiful. what a great idea. thanks!

this music jams!

saw this on splore, it was fun but i can't really figure out what the two numbers are for above the "current hand" text and what these are used for...

this game was super fun and relaxing

man your music is so good, i found forehead simulator on splore and the music was awesome!

super cute. great art. love the kitties 

its pretty fun but does get a little repetitive. I got to floor 28 or something and just got a little bored. i like the controls, they feel great. the music is nice too except for when "boss music" plays but there isn't really any boss. one time i spawned in a level/room with no exit or any way to go. the artwork is nice but i wish uncovering the torches would do more for you or something. nice job, thanks a lot.