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Thank you!

I can't remember. I certainly made it in 2019.

Thank you!

Looks and sounds gorgeous! Well done to the team.

Hi, thanks for playing. The C64 version has joystick control, Amiga has mouse control and Spectrum can use keys - all in line with the way the systems were used back in the day. The automatic hints are displayed on a timer just like in Bejeweled, which the game is based upon. 

Thanks, I have, and I have thanked you on the download page - if you want a website or project plugging there just let me know!

Thanks! Do you mind if I add it to the downloadable files (credited to you, of course)?

Hi, unfortunately I lost the source code before releasing it so I could not change it from being floppy disc-only. I am told you need to copy the disk contents into a folder then add a three-letter assign to that folder in S:startup-sequence before running it (e.g. "assign VEG: drive/installation folder" ) and hex edit the executable so instead of DF0: it say VEG:. I'd do it myself but I barely understand what I just wrote :D

tiny bubbles is brilliant and a deserving winner. Well done everyone who took part i have thoroughly enjoyed  trying every entry 


Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately, the source code was lost in a system crash before I could change it from DF0: Glad you found a way to get it running!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry but there will be no further updates to the game.

Er, thanks? ;) 

Thank you! That’s very kind - for the real experience you can actually play this on a real Commodore 64!

I would rather only have a link to my itch page, please so people have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution

you are welcome to share a link to this page wherever you wish.

This is cool. Okay so it's not a perfect emulator but you can play IN A BROWSER! :)

Excellent, fun little game with gorgeous graphics!

Great idea and looks stunning!

Thanks, and thanks for your help with the cartridge image!

Love it! Can’t wait to see the 512k version.

Absolutely love this game, such a brilliant idea and really well executed!